financial over-share and the goods

i keep track of just about every dollar i spend. mike and i split most of our monthly fixed expenses evenly and keep pretty independent finances otherwise. it works well for us. things like food and gas are somewhat variable and split randomly from month to month (generally he buys most of the gas and i pay for most groceries). anyway, what you see here is a very VERY bad month for stephanie and i will suffer the consequences for probably the next 2.5 months. these are my spending categories outside of the mortgage, childcare, utilities etc.
we probably buy far fewer groceries than the typical household. dane’s daycare feeds him bfast, snack and lunch, as does “nonnie care” and my office has a fully stocked kitchen that feeds me each day (i know, so lucky). mike usually buys coffee and lunch out each day (this makes me cringe!). i overpay for diapers and wipes bc i like to use the honest company, but those day should be numbered since potty training is in fully swing! 
the clothes. i swear to you, i don’t spend money on clothes.. i don’t know what happened! was it the back-to-school mentality? labor day sales? summer-is-over depression? i don’t know, but i’m really not a clothes person and this is a serious anomaly. in my defense, this includes both dane & i as well as a hefty dry-cleaning haul that included a ton of mike’s stuff. 
moving on.. ahh the “home goods” category. my arch nemesis. this is where i get myself in trouble most often. 
since its such a big number this month, i thought it would be fun to see exactly how i got there. its nothing too frivolous and i don’t regret a single purchase. so that’s good. some of these items were major steals. oh and NO affiliate links here…

1. “baxton studio” chairs (x2) :: amazon :: $179.99 for set of 2  <i paid $143.50>
these are for brewster. we had those horrible, cheap as can be ikea chairs around the table and they had to be replaced. two sets of these ran me $269 – the bulk of my spendings – and really not bad at all for 4 chairs that i love.

2. black palm pillow :: h&m :: $10
a great sale price. i actually already have one of these and love it, so decided i needed another.

3. bully pillow :: h&m :: $9.95

4. duvet cover :: h&m :: $15
on sale.. what a steal! i already have this in a queen size for the basement bedroom. we are putting the finishing touches on an add’l (twin) bed (for riley’s visits!) from craigslist that we refurbished & will go down there as well. 

5. ginham sheet set :: target :: $17.99
for the new twin bed as well.

6. down alternative comforter (x2) :: target:: $19.99 ea.
one for the basement twin and one for dane’s future big-boy bed (i’m a bit skeptical about how low this price is…. i haven’t received them yet, but expect they are pretty thin & i’m ok with that).

7. heart hooks :: h&m :: $5.95
these will go in the new basement bedroom as well. (i’m really trying to finally pull it all together!).

8. space heater (x2) :: amazon :: $19.99 ea.
fall is in the air but i want to wait as long as possible to fire up the gas heat. we have one of these in our bathroom & one in dane’s room, just for the chilly mornings.

9. oval jute rug :: rugs usa :: $174 <i paid $57.30>
yes, this was about 350% off. i got it during a crazy labor-day sale, but they are always running crazy sales and promotions, so i bet you’d have a pretty good chance of getting it 50-80% off as well. we are re-doing the sunroom floor in brewster (ripping up stained carpet). still weighing flooring options, but this rug will go on top.

10. toddler t :: mamacase prints :: $23
i snuck this one in for fun. its actually in my “gifts” expense category bc it’s for (liz: spoiler alert) riley’s 3rd birthday in november (look who’s planning ahead!). i pride myself on finding fun, unique, hipster clothes for dane via little mom & pop shops like this. they are usually printed on american apparel t’s which are so so soft!

mike – don’t kill me. and yes, i realize its only the 18th!!