our little bean sprout

4th annual picnic table picture! we have been taking these every year during our summer vacation. daney growing before our very eyes. i gotta say – 2 year old dane – it does not get any cuter (the third of the series). look at that blonde bowl cut and pudgy body. two was my absolute favorite.

this year, no diaper, no pacifier, and just the very last remnants of the baby pudge. our three year old is so smart and sweet and well… for the most part, he’s a bonafide nightmare. three is so hard! if you have a not-yet-three year old, do not be fooled by the “terrible twos”. three is the true test. good luck to you. oh how i love my little 3 year old nightmare….




will he even be able to stand on mike next year? we might need to tweak the theme to accommodate for our ginormous “big kid”.IMG_5535

brewster blues

we had a busy busy busy busy weekend in brewster! my feet are throbbing as we speak. i dumped my photos into my computer as soon as i got home so i didn’t lose momentum because there is a lot i want to put out here on my internets! first things first. our house is a new color! this is a pretty big deal. painting the house wasn’t really on my radar, and it wasn’t at all about the color (i actually really liked the original color). there was a good amount of rotting trim and chipped, weathered siding so mike felt like we needed to hire someone to deal with it before it got out of hand. we actually looked into it last spring- got an estimate and all that- but decided to hold off one more year (and i’m glad we did after such a cruel winter!).

this photo is from our first summer 5 years ago… both the siding and the lawn have gone down-hill quite a bit over the years.


so while i liked the color, we decided that we might as well change it up in a dramatic way if we were going to invest in the paint-job. we agreed on a deep, nautical blue. it was actually really easy picking the exact color. what did we do before pinterest?

we basically found this grid on pinterest (a young house love original… shocking) and agreed on newburg green (also what yhl chose for their show house… again, shocking).



and here she is! we are really happy with it. its a crazy big change and just feels like another big step toward making the house our own. the fresh white trim really pops and the deck and roof look nice with the deep blue.


it wasn’t outrageously expensive to have the house painted because the other two sides are clap board and just got a good power wash.


this lower deck area has so much potential. i’d love to cover the concrete with something nice-looking, rig up a ton of string lights and invest in some good patio furniture. one of these years…



the lower level finished floor update is on deck. no pun intended. (i might go to bed before dane tonight).

the big winner

just a really quick follow-up to my elaborate, dramatic nursery lighting post before we head to brewster tonight (and i am actually bringing my camera for this trip – the floor is installed!)

i ordered this yesterday. not surprisingly, it wasn’t even on my original watch-list! i stalk certain items at urban outfitters waiting for them to go on sale… and in the process, i came across this great deal and it just felt right for the nursery. impulsive, but .. 30 bucks..

i should be a UO ambassador or at least figure out affiliate links… their sales are so good, i can’t stay away.

Plum Bow Scallop Pendant


many updates coming soon: the brewster floor, the painted nursery, a craigslist changing table makeover, and my very first wallpapering project!

also, there is a huge baby girl in my belly and we go to dairy queen a lot.

that’s all. happy weekend!



three on the third

the “golden birthday” concept is fairly new to me and i had to explain it to a number of people recently, so you’re not alone if you didn’t know it was a thing. dane turned three on april third, and so it was his golden birthday… (my birthday is feb. 1st, therefore mine would have been when i turned one.. are you with me?) it feels weird to own a three year-old. he is certainly not a baby anymore… but he is the cutest, sweetest, funniest little dude i have ever known.




it was easter weekend as well and it was really wonderful. mostly because the house was full of family & friends the whole time. dane was on cloud nine with cousin riley to play with all weekend along with his little pals, dylan and chase who came for the party… the truck-load of new toys didn’t hurt either. remind me to reinstate the charity donation in lieu of gifts request next year!



the golden birthday theme sort of took on the toddler-friendly theme of pirate’s gold. i tried to keep things simple (i am craving clean and simple more than ever lately.. might be a nesting thing)… just some gold flare here & there, a wood “plank” for the kids to walk across (dane wanted nothing to do with it) and mostly healthy, low-sugar food and snacks.




it was a perfect little birthday celebration for this very special boy of mine.


you are a sweet, lovable, cuddly, silly little guy. you surprise me every day with your amazing memory and sophisticated sense of humor. you are a hugger. before bedtime you run laps up and down the hall between our room and yours in varying stages of nakedness. ironically, your most hyper 40 mins of the day are between dinner and bed time… (especially if dad is in charge). cars and trucks and things that go is still your favorite book (i had to hide the polar express because, by mid-march, i just couldn’t do it any more). i am so proud of the little 3-year old you have become. you have good manners, you really care about peoples’ feelings and love making us laugh. when i say “i had so much fun playing with you today” you say “you’re welcome”. i get giddy on my way to pick you up after work because i am just aching for a squeeze from you. you love music… “dad check-out this song”, then you’ll sing something quietly that you learned at school that day. you can write a “D” and an “A” all by yourself, which is pretty impressive and your scooter skillz are all of the sudden off the hook! i think you’re going to be an awesome big brother and i can’t wait to see it. i am SO LUCKY. so so lucky.

love, mom


my own internets

i moved my blog.. its on wordpress now. i don’t have a good answer for why, other than everything i’ve been reading is all like “you should use wordpress not blogger” so i’m like “ok?” and i figured its a decent time for the transition since i’ll be home for the summer and might have some time to play around with it.. but probably not.. but maybe.

i have my very own internets now ( www.80milestobrewster.com ) but i had to actually pay something for the first time which i’m not very happy about.

so anywho.. i have this simple format for now which i kinda like and as i learn how to add some fancy things maybe you’ll see them popping up on my sidebar and what not.

this weekend is dane’s birthday and easter, so you’ll be sure to find a shaggy-haired-toddler-filled post in the near future.


daney dialogue III

hi. just barely surviving this horrific winter over here. with our elongated, unpredictable, daily commute in and out of boston, our time at home is that much shorter (almost non-existent) and there is just no time for much of anything aside from the necessary motions. its depressing. its taking a toll on me. and yes, i want to move. south. maybe someday…

on a brighter note, our vacation was awesome & i finally dumped all of the photos out of the camera. will recap soon. in the meantime, some daney dialogue i’ve been jotting down:

“is it christmas now?”
 not yet… <brief pause>
“now is it?”

“is it good to say 25?”
<lifting his 4′ giraffe back onto it’s feet>
“c’mon big guy”
“mommy! when we get home, i can play and daddy and you and shakey and me.. the whole family!”

good job using your manners. 

“does santa like that?”

you’re so big! did you grow today?
“yes. but when i’m big we can still do hugs and kisses.”

<standing on the scale> dane, how much do you weight?
“six dollars!”

“i know what you meanted”

is ruby in your music class.
is she a good singer?
“gracie’s better.”

“mom, watch this cross-over”

“daddy, we are on the blue team and we’re the villanovas!”

“i’m not dane, i’m rondo, and this is larry bird” <dane is always rondo. mike is always larry bird>

<sunday morning 6:30 am>
“mummy, lets go downstairs and play and you be santa and i’ll be pirate hook.”

<in the car>
“mum, when we get home are.. are.. are..” 
<studdering a little … pauses… >
“why do i keep saying are?”

“mommy, you’re a good driver now because there are no more reindeer in the snow”
<in reference to the deer i hit a few months ago.. after which dane called me a “bad driver”>

<in his bed.. first thing he says to me when he wakes up a bit panicked>
“mommy, where are my tracks? 
downstairs on your train table
“we didn’t give them all to riley?” 
<he had a 2-year-old’s worst nightmare… giving all his train tracks away to his cousin!>

<looking out the plane window as we passed through white fluffy clouds>
“look at all that snow”

<the first morning he woke up in his own bed after vacation>
“i wanted to stay in mexico”

dane, what is the first thing you are going to say to your baby sister when she’s born?
<thinks about it> “… hello!” <with an british accent>

“blananas” (bananas)

“hopstable” (hospital)

“skettie” (spaghetti)

“m da m’s” (m&ms)

“pirate hook” (captain hook)

“be finity and beyond!” (to infinity and beyond)

Love him.

ode to pine cones

i’m not one to decorate for the seasons or any holiday other than christmas, but dane and i recently had a wonderful time collecting pine cones during a walk with shakey in pond meadow park. it was actually one of the most pleasant walks we’ve had in a while (dane is in a phase where he doesn’t want to stay put in the wagon, but doesn’t really want to walk either which results in me lugging his 37 pounds while pulling said wagon).

but he took the task of pine cone collecting very seriously and was so excited to hustle back home to assess the haul.

we baked them in the oven (20 mins at 200 is what i read) to rid them of bugs and sap and then decked the halls with oodles and oodles of pine cones!

the mantel looks pretty much like this year round:

but after some pine cones and a twig garland from our christmas arsenal, its looking slightly more seasonal:

i sprinkled the rest of them on the table and in candle holders…

in summary: pine cones are free, you can enlist your 2-year-old to gather them and then you can chuck ’em when you’re done. pine cones are ideal decorations!. HAPPY FALL!


even though things slow down a bit at work and the days are longer, there tends to be way less downtime in the summer. the camera has been coming out less and less as the weather gets warmer. i guess that means we are just having more fun living in the moment.

we spent two whole nights away from dane for this summer’s dmb show… i missed the little guy, but we had a lot of fun tailgating and feeling young again! it was a really great night.

my favorite photos are from after the show… the ones i don’t remember taking…


there is nothing like a good summer concert with friends and beer and great music.. and beer.

so i just have a few more catch-up posts. next, i’ll get around to our brewster vacation.. a full week at the beach with this guy. 

but don’t worry, we have e n d l e s s home improvement-type projects in the pipeline. there are zero quiet weekends in sight, but we have been discussing a dozen things we want to tackle at our full time.. err.. non beach house. some painting, some work in our mostly unfinished basement, window treatments and maybe a solution for that impossible wall in the tv room that i just don’t know what to do with. this one above the couch… i’m open to suggestions (help!).


be our guest

over the weekend (during day 2 of project laundry room), i took a little project into my own hands and assembled the platform bed frame for our guest room.

this was another inexpensive overstock purchase that i wanted to get before the baby comes so my mom and sisters will stay over lots and lots while i’m on maternity leave (please??)

it made a big difference from the mattress-on-floor look.

not bad for a waddling, 38 week pregnant lady, right?

here is a rare shot of the quality control inspection in progress…

the room still needs a lot of love but has come a long way with the paint job and new carpet.

a quick before and after:

ahhh big blue… this bedding is very close to our hearts… it was a wedding gift from mike’s parents and i still love it, but the upgrade to king became necessary w/ my growing belly and our entitled bull dog..

this is where we live

99% of our life is spent here in boston – between our offices downtown and our little city apartment. a few months after we closed on the cape house, we moved a few blocks from our two bedroom, bi-level condo to a cozy, no frills, one bedroom. this has proved to be one of the smartest things we have ever done. our rent went down over 30% and the apartment is far better suited for us… especially for shakespeare. 
we are on the first floor of a beautiful brownstone building. one that everyone admires and i have always longed to live in. its the perfect location – directly across from a big grassy park and even has a … wait for it… PARKING SPOT.
it is all the space we need and none we don’t. the perfect spot to spend the next couple years while we save up for a house… another house… a real house… in the………. suburbs. 
don’t panic, i said a couple years. neither of us are ready for full time suburbia, or a commute to work longer than 7 minutes (on a bad day, with traffic, in a snow storm). 
this apartment was not intended to use up any of my time or creative energy. it was supposed to be simple and efficient and a place to lay our weary heads during the work week.
here is the palace during the initial walk thru. theres not much to it. living room, bedroom, bathroom, and little baby kitchen.

charming, right?
i know i should focus on the cape house – the one we OWN and will have forever, but my head is spinning with ideas for this little space. especially now that i’m addicted to design blogs, pinterest, DIY projects, and basically any other time sucking, creative outlet i’ve been depriving myself of for some time now. in the next few posts i’ll catch up on what has become of the fatz family home base.