board & plaster

after the demo, framing, rough electrical, plumbing and insulation comes what i call the “putting back together phase”. its when things get a little less ugly and the place that is supposed to shelter your young children in less than a month starts to feel somewhat inhabitable. this was a long time coming. the house sat in the dead of winter with no insulation for weeks. like you could practically see the sun shining through the ceiling and it was 0 degrees out. we burned through a lot of oil keeping the house warm enough so that the pipes didn’t burst. needless to say we were really happy for the insulation to go in and to get this drywall up. it was a lot of board… most of the walls and the big, new vaulted ceiling.

after the board comes the plaster. they shmear (technical term) plaster essentially over the whole inside of the house. the plaster guys worked hard – straight through the weekend if i remember correctly. its a super messy process.

it was a huge relief to see the house plastered.


flooring chat is up next.

mid process – fatz fixer upper

i’ve been posting some photos of the finished product on instagram because i had a weekend home to clean up and snap some iphone shots and boy do i enjoy the before & afters – but to really appreciate how far we’ve come, i need to get all the messy stuff documented.

we started with a traditional split level decorated in grandma-style (nothing wrong with that, the previous owner was 90-something). there was a wall separating the sitting room & kitchen, and a partial wall between the kitchen & dining room.

after a lot of demo, we were here:

next post i’ll show the board & plaster phase where things get a little less scary looking.

house tour – then & now

its almost official… we sold our house!.. closing one chapter and opening the next. when i walk out of this empty house – where i painted every wall and brought home both of my newborn babies – i will definitely be feeling all the feelings… but at this point, moving on just feels right. on the other hand, its funny how clearing out, cleaning up, and staging your house for showings makes you NOT want to move!
the photos below are from our listing (aka how our house never really looks because it is perpetually covered in toys and miscellaneous rubble).



50sherricksfarm_web-14 50sherricksfarm_web-16


















changing table

hey! so my last post was depressing, huh!?! well, all is well and dandy here, i promise. check it out – i even have a furniture makeover post! this is so 2011-2014 of me… back when i was SO about the DIY everything. i was all, “you can make WHAT out of coffee filters?!?”… and, “look what i did with just trash, toothpicks and glitter… its just like YOUNGHOUSELOVE!”  these days, there is little time or energy for DImyselfing. and honestly, i’m less enthused about filling my house with homemade creations.

that being said, bedrooms are definitely the last place i’m inclined to splurge on furniture. we’ve never owned a single store-bought “bedroom set”. bedrooms are personal. your guests generally don’t see them. they need to be comfy and functional, and for the kids- fun and happy and safe. so when i started piecing together the baby girl nursery, i turned to craigslist for the only piece of furniture i was planning on purchasing. i found this changing table & we agreed on $75.

what a wordy intro… the rest is mostly pics. (as you can tell by this post title, my creative juices are really flowing lately).

(fyi – turns out taunton is far)


i spray painted some ring pulls to replace the knobs, painted the top white and removed the bottom right door for easy-access diaper storage.


here is some of the process… this was so long ago now. dane looks like a baby!IMG_4731








i’ll share the rest of the nursery soon… its about time. and don’t be surprised when i post my christmas photos in march… #itiswhatitis.

january blues

i sat down to move all my photos from camera to computer and maybe even download some christmas gopro footage. i was holding the baby with the nursing pillow strapped around my middle (my brest friend, there, i said it). i turned around for whatever reason and knocked over my very full coffee… all over the desk, the key board, the camera, the gopro. it looked like a complete electronics massacre, but i don’t think anything was permanently damaged.

true story.

there is just no time to keep up with life on this blog. i know i don’t have to, but a part of me really wants to! it shouldn’t be impossible, in theory, but it is.

7 months already. sigh.

any who, i’ve been feeling a little down… some post-holiday blues i guess and physically run down from the christmas hustle. i’m having trouble taking care of myself (that’s a gentle way of saying i’m fat & sloppy). again, “no time”. the kids are doing well so i could/should be proud of that. we have a lot of laughs when everyone is in a good mood (read: a certain 3.75 year-old has taken his much-needed daily nap) but weeknights and mornings are still a struggle (“struggle” used in that middle-class, privileged, American context, of course).


i want everything OUT of my house. baby stuff, OUT. unworn clothes, OUT. extra throw pillows that i normally hoard, OUT(ish). christmas decorations are all packed or disposed of… living simply may not necessarily be in the cards, but i am craving a simpler life with less clutter for sure.


today is FREEZING. so maybe the reality of winter is weighing on my mood lately as well.


i hate winter.

wah wah,


tipsy t-day photography

surprise! i DO have photos from thanksgiving (i wasn’t kidding when i said we drank a lot). some pretty cute ones actually…IMG_6549


while nursing bay last night, i sorted through what has made it into iphoto this month and found some gems. i wish i could be more organized with my photo system (and my LIFE). these are some of my favorites…

related much? :IMG_6573

the loves of my life:IMG_6579

kitchen hoops:IMG_6494

me & my girl:IMG_6583

fatz family Tday dinner:IMG_6532

listening to “let it go” on my phone (on repeat) and kissing nonnie:IMG_6587

late-night guinness milkshake creation:IMG_6593

ready for bed:

my beautiful little mop-top boy:
IMG_6489mr. pups:IMG_6507

the end.


i went to my wordpress dashboard to maybe start a post on life lately, and saw a draft titled “thanks” with this one picture from dane’s first thanksgiving. i created it in september when i apparently came across this old photo and wanted to be sure to include it in my thanksgiving post.D11i know it shouldn’t come as a shock, but bay looks so much like dane! i am so entertained by it.


we hosted this year… it was nice and low-key and we all ate and drank a lot. the night ended with mike passed out in bed snoring in his sweater and underwear with a mostly full can of coors light on his night stand (and shakespeare at his feet snoring along with him).

i have almost no photos from thanksgiving, sadly, but i did manage to get some ad hoc gopro footage (link to my video masterpiece (sarcastic) HERE!)

back to brewster

just all of these pictures of dane because he is such a cute kid…

also, major garage purge happened over the weekend. long over-due. i was all stressed because i didn’t reserve a dumpster in time, then we found a guy on craigslist to haul it away for half the price. procrastination for the win.IMG_6300

where does all this junk even come from?IMG_6299

wearing bayla all day…. #lashesIMG_6288

and last but not least… mr. october:IMG_6291

halloween 2015

halloween was entertaining to say the least. i think babies should never wear normal clothes, only costumes.
baybabiesand these two guys were a total hoot. i don’t want to jinx it, but they played together sooo well over the weekend. are the sharing wars behind us??? they played “picnic” and “camping”.. destroyed the house in a matter of minutes, but just so cute – their little imaginations.


i actually didn’t take many pictures because i was determined to finally put our gopro to use!

without further ado : THE FATZ-GALE OFFICIAL HALLOWEEN 2015 VIDEO!!!!!!!!

6 years

this little family started 6 years ago on 10/10/09… and now its huge! there are like 100 of us! (well, 5)… this right here is ALL I EVER WANTED. i can’t believe its mine.IMG_6182 2a nice lady on the beach offered to take a picture of all of us. i couldn’t say no. we even managed to get the hound involved which is a small miracle. thank you, nice lady… this is the first photo of the 5 of us.

we love the brewster beaches in the off-season when shakey can come along. we tell dane to stay away from the water, but he never does. he is generally wet up to his knees by the time we head out. he and mike love rough-housing and i follow them around with bay and take a million pictures.

this was saturday evening. it was freakishly not windy. we bundled up, but it was so mild.IMG_6162
IMG_6165 “mommy watch this!” (belly flop face plant into sand)IMG_6174all my boys…
IMG_6151 mike even grabbed the camera. i sort of love these pictures of me and little baby girl.

look at this sweet little thing…

the days are getting shorter. alarmingly so. we made some amazing memories in the cape this summer, but we are beginning to struggle with what the best go-forward plan is for our family and this second property. a lot has changed since the days before kids when we had time and money to spare. both are tighter than ever lately and our capacity for the added stress and up-keep is not what it was. we just want to be happy and enjoy our young family not be cursing at leaking dehumidifiers every other weekend… we’ll see, a lot is up in the air.IMG_6193

next weekend we are having some friends down and finally checking out the wellfleet oysterfest. that should be fun.IMG_0851

who am i kidding. we are never selling this house.