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cape cod 2015 : brewster bay, baby bay, lots of dane, etc.

baby bay was supposed to come in may. MID may – a week early. that was my plan. which would mean that she would be 6+ weeks by late june when i was planning on spending the week with my sister liz in the cape while some old friends were in town vacationing as well.


as you know, bay chose to wait until JUNE to be born, so there i was with a three year old, a three week old, and my sister who was no use because she had a baby and a three year old of her own. luckily, we got a couple days from my very helpful little sis (who feeds us) and our mom (who is very good at entertaining 3 year olds with weird crafts (have you heard of magic noodles?)).



so we survived and even enjoyed ourselves at times. the summer was off to a good start. it was sure to be a very special summer with my kids and nephews and more beach time than ever before.


its really not true – how i just said my sister was no use – she did practically all of the snack-packing and game-planning. you really need to have your sh*t together when planning a beach trip with kids. spending a few hours at the beach with two three year olds is a delicate art (toy ratios, direction of sandwich slice, color of sippy cups… all elements that can make or break your day).


so liz & i enjoyed most of the week and spent time with the colantos and some other fun families. photo cred to lizzy c for these next three pics bc i basically tend to only take pictures of dane and literally never a grown up…


mike was finally able to join us for the weekend. he and dane did some golfing and twilight surfing… sunsets on the bay are glorious.




the following week was the 4th of july when we take our real vacation each summer. mike had the full week off to spend in brewster with us (hallelujah) and all the grandparents visited for a few nights.

the boys went on a pirate adventure which dane loved and riley was not so sure about…



we did sparklers, s’mores, and ice cream …




this is the cozy spot we made for bay one afternoon… she was peacefully napping under the shade of an umbrella, but her poor little face got sun burnt. #momfail. she healed quickly and never seemed bothered by it, but word to the wise.. sun umbrellas do not necessarily protect from uva/b rays! overall, bayla was such a trooper during all of our beach trips.. a lot of beach nursing and napping.., she was a good baby.IMG_5313

it makes me so happy watching dane play at the beach for hours on end. its exactly what i pictured 5 years ago when we bought the beach house.IMG_5320

this is a nickerson state park pond swim with shakey…IMG_5511


and bayla’s first traditional picnic table photo shoot…IMG_5570

look at one-month-old bay… she looks like such a little alien. how quickly they grow…

the summer was awesome. it was extremely challenging at times making everything work with a newborn, often on my own, but i would do it a hundred more times given the chance. i am missing the summer so much. i almost get a pang in my stomach when i think about it i miss it so much… 

going back to work has been so hard on me. for three months bayla was figuratively and literally attached to me and now i just feel so empty all day without her. i’m waiting for it to get easier. if it doesn’t, then maybe there will be some major life changes. i’m not sure. but i know that all that matters are these two kids and finding a happy, healthy balance for our family. to be continued……

fatz 4 go to mexico

(shakey didn’t go (sadly) so i’m counting the fatz in utero to round out the 4).

this year’s trip was to the mayan riviera.. a very kid-friendly, all-inclusive resort called azul beach. we were lucky enough to have our friends the patons there to join us for a week of fun in the sun.

the trip started in the wee hours of superbowl sunday. a car picked us up for the ride to the airport at 4:15am. we scooped dane out of bed and put him in the car in his jammies. he woke right up, of course, but was such a trooper for the whole morning. despite the super early flight, the airport was already jammed with long lines of bostonians in patriots jerseys eager to get the hell out of boston.

our flight was delayed which felt like the end of the world at the time because we had a tight lay-over and… superbowl sunday. but we made our connecting flight – just barely. it was a huge jet and we had a whole row of 4 seats to ourselves where dane was able to sprawl out and take a heavenly nap.

we got to the resort in the early afternoon (a really quick van ride from the cancun airport), ordered room service, swam in the pool and did a whole lot of nothing until the big game. we were so nervous and excited and i was just stupid happy about this vacation and life. it also happened to be my birthday. we ate birthday cake and i drank a whole beer. it was seriously heaven at this point.

it was so nice to have dane a bit more independent on this trip. it was much easier to sneak in some reading and laying in the sun (compared to our past trips when he was one and just barely two… wobbly and in diapers). having his buddy chase there with us especially helped. this was their set-up for the first half of the super bowl.. some snacks and daniel tiger and they barely made a peep.

this was my photo (“en vivo!”) to commemorate the INSANE final minutes of this game.  i SO wish i had the camera out for mike’s dance after the butler interception (picture the grape-vine across the room with arms flailing).

our team won the superbowl!!!! oh man.

the next few days we just vacationed our little hearts out. the weather was perfect and we loved the resort.

alicha brought these two little water squirters and the boys were so cute parading around and squirting each other (and us) then running back to the showers to fill them up again.

these big cabanas were perfect for a long morning at the beach (you had to sign up for one at 3pm sharp the day before but it was totally worth it). we tried so hard to get dane to nap in it, but it wasn’t happening. the swim-up pool room was so nice to have during nap time. if you ever go here, GET a swim up room.

we had a million green smoothies from the juice bar. they were so good!

dane made that little bracelet on the beach and wore it the whole week [cuteness overload]. they had “kids club” workers walking around the resort each day with little activities for kids.

these loungey swings were in a central area called aquanox. this became our little home-base where we hung out before or after dinner or before meeting up with the patons.

fond memories of this spot! sigh.

the resort was so clean and beautiful. there was plenty to do and see but it was small enough to easily get anywhere with short legs.

the only real negative was the seaweed and the mushy ocean floor. there were guys with rakes and tractors every morning clearing away the seaweed,  but even in a clear area it was a bit unpleasant walking into the ocean water. i prefer swimming in the ocean and spending more time on the beach than at the pool, so this may be a deal-breaker for me in terms of going back here.

despite the weedy shore line, i still would totally recommend this resort to anyone traveling with small kids. they have everything you need here.. kid’s meals and toys at every restaurant, stools and kid-sized things everywhere. they provide cribs, bottle warmers, changing tables, little bathrobes, strollers, floats, and sand toys galore.

can you even stand these two in their lounge chairs?

and dane, who squealed and panicked the first time we got in the pool together, turned into a little fish in no time. insisted on only swimming “all by himself!”

this whole pool was 2 feet deep!

the patons left wednesday which gave us thursday and friday to ourselves. the weather clouded up a bit the last couple days with some passing showers, but we were able to get plenty of sun in between rain storms.

una leche por favor!

i think what i will remember most about this trip was how much dane was part of the fun and such awesome company. instead of just being along for the ride he would weigh in on what he wanted to do and we could see him get excited about the different fun activities and play time. i’m just so lucky.

little things like not worrying about cooking dinner or cleaning up after meals were SO NICE for me, personally. i think all-inclusives are the way to go with young kids. they seriously give you a BREAK.

the views during those meals weren’t half bad either!

just one of the many daney faces…

these pictures are from our last morning of the trip. we woke up early and came right down to the beach. the sun was sparkling on the water and there was hardly anyone around. it was so nice and bittersweet.

we were all so happy here. it was so awesome spending these long days together without rushing into the car or folding laundry/washing dishes while urging dane to entertain himself. there was this one night late in the week where it was really hard to get him to sleep and i felt a little run-down the next day… but aside from that, he was pretty perfect with naps and sleeping in his little crib and our daily routines. he didn’t even put up much of a fight with the sunscreen which was a refreshing change.

being pregnant at an all-inclusive resort… not ideal. i mean, you could jump off our balcony and swim up to a bar for crying out loud. i had a few virgin sugary drinks and some sips of beer and it honestly wasn’t as torturous as i might have thought. no hangovers was of course a positive. i was about 24 weeks at the time which i think is the ideal amount of pregnant for a trip like this.

oh so there were these big pelicans and mike was so into them. i had to delete like 40 pelican pictures off the camera (sorry mike – here you go, this was the best one).

due to some annoying flight changes, we had a really long lay-over in miami on our way home. but again, dane was so good and fun and we made the best of it.

i never went on family vacations growing up, so i love that dane will be able to look back on all these trips and experiences when he’s older. sure this money could have been spent a  million other ways, but life is so short… i can’t believe there will be a new family member on our next vacation(!) and i’m really glad we squeezed in this last special get-away as a family of 3.


mike’s new company has their annual meeting and a fun employee outing at the castle hill inn every year – so last weekend, we spent a really special couple days in newport, ri.. dane and i drove down early saturday morning to join mike for the rest of the weekend.
it was the seafood festival at bowen’s warf that day which is quite the event… big tents with hundreds of people eating oysters and lobster rolls and day drinking. a really fun scene.

we first hit up the kids’ tent where dane painted a pumpkin masterpiece and scored a balloon.

and then, the best place on earth. the bouncy castle.

he would have spent all day in this thing. he was grinning ear to ear the whole time. and he can really hold his own with the big kids!

we did a little exploring after. SO much to do and see in newport. it was SO nice out. like 70.

obligatory pumpkin patch pictures:

when we finally headed back to the inn to check into our room for nap time, i had a major orphan annie moment. his company had us staying in the cutest little beach cottage directly on the most beautiful sandy beach. the most luxurious place i have stayed probably ever. i was instantly sad that we only had one night.

pic from their web site

i sat on our little deck eating a [really delicious] sandwich and looking at this view while dane napped like a champ in the packnplay that barely fits him anymore. it was the most relaxed i had felt in a while.

when he woke up, we went out to play on the beach where i took a million photos and seriously struggled to narrow down to the few you see below!

dane does this thing where, when i tell him to say cheese, he’ll do a big exaggerated CHEEEEESE while looking anywhere but at the camera. its makes things a little difficult.

look at these twins.

there’s the cheese again.

later that evening we went out for a little cliff walk. there were tons of surfers and really big waves! i’ve never seen surfing like this in new england, it was cool.

we had pizza and beer with his coworkers that evening then mike passed out shortly after dane (i think he had been having a little too much company sponsored fun) and i stayed up reading on the couch in front our fireplace. ahhh. can we do this again next weekend?

dane was just the funnest, happiest kid the whole time. i can’t remember what life was like before he was part of my crew. he is pure joy. the only thing that would have made the weekend any better is if shakey could have joined us. he would have loved this beach!

martha’s vineyard agricultural fair

alternative title: dane with various animals

for folks who travel to martha’s vineyard the most during the off-season, this weekend was quite the scene. there was hooting and hollering getting off the ferry, people out and about long after sun down, and traffic, lots of traffic. it was the weekend of the agricultural fair, and, as my sister put it – its a big deal.

while it wasn’t exactly beach weather, it felt very much like a mini-vacation getting on that ferry and spending the weekend with our vineyard family.

dane particularly bonded with his uncle alec this trip…

i mean, the man has a fishing boat and gives out dog rides.. how are we supposed to compete with that?

the fair is really special because it not only has rides, games, fried dough and the like, it has all sorts of cool animals, plants, music, art, contests (wood chopping, skillet tossing)…

so alpacas… where can i buy one and do they get along with bulldogs?

a sheep..

goat of some sort…

six week old baby goats (“kids” as they say in the industry). they were being fed raisins and dane said “i want to have a snack with the baby goats!” um, you’re cute. all of you.

this horse was my personal favorite. i named him guinness.

and this large horse may or may not be in my nightmares tonight..


dane requested corn on the cob at the fair for dinner. it was huge. his family from indiana would be proud.

big slide!

this ride was their favorite… various vehicles that went around in a circle. funny to see which ones they chose. dane first went with an old-fashioned cadillac. then this fire truck (and had a mini-meltdown when the ride was over).

riley rode this motorcycle. both times.

it was a really fun (& exhausting) night. the boys crashed hard and the rest of us drank a lot of wine when we got home (ok, maybe that was just me).

if only there were an “unblur” button in picasa editor!

we are so spoiled being able to hang with these guys on this awesome island. thank you vineyard family (emily, liz, riley, and alec)! xoxoxoxoxoxo

cape cod vaca #4

this was our 4th summer spending the 4th in cape cod. our 4th 4th…  our golden 4th of july!?oooooooooh…

each year has been quite different… pre baby, new baby, with a one year old, and now with this maniac:

this year we had a house full of family- just how we like it.
sister em, her boyfriend quincy, and their sweet pup deliah were our first visitors to arrive. they came thurs. night and we had a lovely evening chatting over delicious vacation beers (don’t they just taste better on vacation?). it was pretty awesome to have a night alone with emmy because i don’t get nearly enough q.t. with her and man i just love this little sis to bits.

the 4th of july, as we know, was a total wash out. but the 7 of us (em, quincy, deliah, me, mike, dane & shakey), the adventurers that we are, got up early and headed to nickerson state park to do our favorite nature walk in the sprinkley rain to our secret beach spot on little cliff pond. we just love it here. since brewster is a jerk about not letting dogs on any beaches during the summer, this is shakey’s favorite place to swim jump around in 1.5 feet of water and dig for phantom clams.
riley, liz & the grandma arrived later that day. despite the storm, we had a wonderful time celebrating “america’s birthday” (i swear we’re not all naked in this picture).
this popping-the-balloons-full of-confetti game was supposed to be like indoor fireworks. riley, however was “traumatized” (my sister’s word) and was hysterically crying. which goes to show that some things that look wonderful on pinterest just don’t translate well to real life (tho dane was sort of into it)…

deliah and my mom were the last to rise saturday morning…

then we had a great big breakfast thanks to emily and quincy. we actually used our new-ish banquet style seating quite a bit over the weekend for the first time since the big kitchen redo!

..the boys’ morning indoor bike ride…

we got in a couple pretty perfect beach days during riley’s visit. the first day the tide was high so we swam, fished and boogie boarded the afternoon away.

the next morning we caught low tide. the weather was glorious. i could have stayed all day. so could dane and riley..
that is, if it weren’t for a very necessary thing called a NAP.

so we napped and regrouped… nonnie & pop joined the party and we had a picture perfect evening at veterans field in chatham where we brought take-out from lorino’s and scored a prime real estate picnic table for dinner.

the coolest part was, i actually knew the starting pitcher for the chatham a’s… i really love cape league baseball.

part of the reason chatham is our favorite cape league destination is the epic playground.
check out that glowing sun setting behind the trees… sigh…

… here with my family watching a little baseball while dane and riley go to town on the playground… white wine in solo cup… it does not get much better than this.

after the game i made mike swing in to alli’s beach where we watch the fireworks every year. because of the rain on the 4th, i knew there would be tons of fireworks along the bay the next couple nights. i was right. they were so good. poor dane was so sleepy. he eventually was like “mamma we go home now?” my sweet baby.. we headed home and crashed hard.

everyone cleared out monday afternoon. it was such a fun, fulfilling weekend. we were so sad to see them go but still pretty euphoric about the fact that our vacation had only just begun!

the rest of the week flew by. we hit up the beach every day. walked to the general store, to brewster scoop, to see trevor the juggler at the church. the camera didn’t come out as much as i wish it had…

casey, lich & chase visited thursday and we spent an awesome day in wellfleet at the beach and the beachcomber.

where both two year-olds successfully napped on the beach! #miracle
dane became a regular beach bum. the bay is so perfect for little guys (he wasn’t so fond of the surf in wellfleet). this reminds me… we also got to watch a bunch of world cup games on vacation. so fun.
as is always the case, we had to put some time into readying the house for renters on friday and saturday. during this time, dane may have spent a little too much time with bob the builder (a particularly intense episode pictured below).
but we feel like the house is better equipped than ever for summer renters. we hope everyone enjoys our house (and are very very kind to it!!).
an awesome week…  it always is. we’ll have to wait until labor day to be reunited with brewster. but its worth the wait!

atlantis with a toddler

we spent last week on paradise island in the bahamas. it was, in a word, glorious.

atlantis. go there. if you have kid(s) of any age, go. we bounced around many different destination ideas before planning this trip. traveling and vacationing with a toddler is tricky no matter where you go and we decided on atlantis because it felt like one of the more (if not, the most) little-kid friendly options.

we had a pretty easy direct flight (about 4 hrs) out of boston early saturday morning. mike’s parents joined us which made the trip that much more fun.

we stayed in the beach tower. the most economical (read: cheapest possible) place to stay on atlantis property.

 i read many, many beach tower reviews before the trip and they were very mixed. lots saying the place was a dump and many saying it was just fine and the best bang for your buck. i tend to agree more with the latter, however, mike & i agreed that next time we will definitely stay somewhere different. especially if we still have littles. this opinion is more for geographical reasons than anything, although we did have a few issues with our room (busted towel rod, tv malfunctions, a broken curtain pull thingy). these little annoyances were really not a big a deal to us. my biggest complaint is that the beach tower building sits right on the beach, but there is no direct/easy way to get there. its really weird. you have to leave the back of the building and walk through a cave (a good 5 min stroll) to get around to the beach entries. the location is basically convenient to nothing aside from the sea turtle pond (which is actually quite awesome).

this was the first resort i have vacationed at that was not all-inclusive. one of the points all the reviews agreed on was that everything is super-expensive. food, water, services, excursions. this made me nervous since the price tag of the trip (even in the cheapo beach tower) was already enough to make me gulp. you can buy a meal plan for $80/day. it includes breakfast and dinner and NO alcohol. what? i don’t think we ever spent that on food in one day and if we did, its because a good 40% of it was on drinks… as in booze such as the most amazingly rumtastic pina colada i’ve ever had.

so i planned my brains out for this trip to be sure we made the most of it. to save money, i packed as much travel friendly food as i could.. bread, lara bars, toddler pouches, oatmeal, cereal & trail mix. i ordered some groceries from foodstore2go which worked out great (fruit, organic whole milk & a bunch of beer & wine). we gave dane breakfast in the room every morning (banana, ezekial cinnamon raisin bread or rice cake w/ peanut butter and other misc. fruit was the standard mix). then aside from a couple sandwich/chicken nugget-type lunches we shared, the only meal we really ate out for was dinner. it was a nice little routine to pick a place and go out to dinner, all 5 of us. we ordered something for dane most of the time even tho he would have been fine eating the bread and random bites off our plates (which is basically what he did and saved his dinner for lunch the next day).

there is so much to do and see on the massive campus that is atlantis. the smartest thing i did was bring our radio flyer wagon. yes, i check a big red wagon on our jet blue flight. dane is not a happy camper in strollers and the wagon allowed us to cruise around with him under his little umbrella and tow our bags at the same time. we got SO many comments from everyone we walked by. i guarantee dozens of people bring them on their next trip after seeing us (atlantis would make a killing with a “rent-a-wagon” stand. i should pitch this on shark tank). dane went everywhere in this wagon. it was a god send. we did sooo much walking.

our daily routine was this:
wake up around 7 to dane standing in his crib saying “mommy, daddy, i pay in wadder!?” take him into bed with us and hope it will buy us another 15 mins. it doesn’t. make coffee on little single serve kuerig-esque coffee maker (i packed coffee just in case.. coffee is extremely important to me.. but they give you two regular and two decaf starbucks pouches each day, which was nice). feed dane. dress and pack and hit the road for the pool or beach. by far the worst part of the week was putting sunblock on dane. he freaked out every time. it was brutal. we came back and put dane down for a nap after lunch, then mike & i ran off and explored for a few hours. after dane was up, we got dressed and went out to dinner together. a few nights we had fancy dinners and a few nights we did johnny rockets, pizza, etc. we were pretty much all in bed by 9 every night. completely wiped. (watching the olympics!)

there were so many pools to sample. our favorite was fairly close to our hotel. it had a zero entry shallow end that dane could run right into.

the atlantis beach was very nice. beautiful, bright turquoise water.

dane wanted nothing to do with the ocean water.. he was intimidated by the surf, but played for hours in the sand.

the cove is another little beach which was further from us, but protected by some rocks (it was a cove.. aptly named) so a little calmer and dane-friendlier. this was my favorite spot, but we only got one day there since it was pretty far away and dane ended up loving the pools so much.

the marina was by far our favorite (and pretty much only) evening destination. we ate at restaurants here almost every night.

the huge yachts were dane’s favorite. “big boats mamma!”

there were fun little bands and activities in the streets most nights. it was a really lively area. one night (that i didn’t bring the camera out) there were all these drums and shakers for kids to play with. dane was so funny playing all the instruments and dancing. so so fun.

easily the #1 highlight of the whole week for dane was a random little car in the ben & jerry’s. he requested this car every night. which resulted in us eating ice cream. every. night.

the water slides and splash park pools were pretty awesome. because dane & his nonnie like to nap together, mike & i were able to run off and do fun things sans baby every afternoon. we did almost all of the water slides and used the fitness center a couple days.

dane was a little too small to really enjoy the kids’ pools, but we climbed around the aquaventure contraption together one day and he went down the little slides and said “again!” every time. cutest.

bonus entertainment was the wild cats that ran around the property. dane got a kick out of chasing them.

what i found most impressive about atlantis was the amazing sea creatures and endless tanks of exotic fish, sharks, sting rays, huge sea turtles, jelly fish, everything. dane is going to think the boston aquarium is a snoozefest after everything he saw at atlantis.

last but not least. swimming with the dolphins. really expensive. really fun.

i mean, i think i’d pay the $135 just to see dane wear this adorable wet suit ($135 per person INCLUDING dane. ugh).

meeting the dolphins and seeing all of their tricks was seriously priceless. i didn’t know how it would go with dane. he could very well have been completely petrified of the dolphins, but he was totally cool. he even puckered up and gave one a kiss with me.

i know he won’t remember all of this, but we went all-in and paid for the full cd of pictures from the day. life is short.. this was worth it.

this isn’t the type of vacation you take to read a book by the pool. we were non-stop go go go most of the week. it was an adventure and it was so. much. fun. the best part was just spending every waking hour with dane. i can’t get enough of this little guy. i seriously just want to eat him with a spoon.

we flew back a week later, right into a blizzard in boston. brutal.

we will definitely go back to atlantis some day!

cape cod vaca number 3

this was our third summer spending the week of the 4th at our cape house in brewster. and the three vacations couldn’t have been more different. the first year we held a bonanza of sorts. we had a handful of friends stay over in different shifts throughout the week. drinking games, water balloons, slip & slide, festive decorations.. i planned the festivities for months. lots of silly fun… dane was (ah hem) born 9 months later…
pictures courtesy of lizzy
last summer dane was 3 months old and it was my last week before returning to work after maternity leave. it was bittersweet. a low key week with a few friends and family. it was a good week… but to be perfectly honest, i was still feeling too chubby to really embrace the beach!
and now. this. can you believe this can happen in one short year?

he. is. huge.

this vacation was the best. one to remember for a number of reasons. such as dane’s first kiss:
we were having lunch at scargo cafe in dennis. just minding our own business. when this little girl came over and started flirting with dane.. so hard… batting her eyelashes, twirling her hair.. so before we left, dane was nice enough to give the girl a kiss for her efforts… she was four. cougar.
the week was a perfect balance of friends, family, and alone time. sometimes its hard to really relax when you are hosting. even when its just family. i cherished the quiet mornings we had just the four of us (i also cherished the nights we were able to leave dane behind with family and sneak out for some fun!).
these pictures are from cahoon hollow beach in wellfleet. its absolutely beautiful. and there is nothing like the beachcomber for cold drinks and oysters.
the first few days were rainy and overcast. so we played inside and went to some shops and restaurants.

then the second half of the week was nothing but sun. dane became quite the beach babe.

cousin riley came for the 4th. here they are hammering some pouches together.
and some more priceless beach moments -

we fit in a cape cod league baseball game. dane was a little more interested in the playground than the game, but its a great summer tradition. we’ve been to games in brewster, orleans, and this year, chatham, which was by far the best scene of the three. i think we’ll be back here next year.

finally.. f i r e w o r k s ! ok, fireworks not pictured, but they didn’t disappoint. they were awesome and the amazing sunset was a bonus. half way through the fireworks,  dane was fast asleep in the stroller with his noise-blockers on. this kid is the best.

before it was time to pack up and say goodbye to brewster for the summer, we went to the friday night concert in chatham. it was a really cool scene – balloons for the kids and hundreds of people. dane was determined to walk around, wave to everyone and push random strollers (he is really into wheels and pushing things) so it was a tad stressful and we didn’t last very long. when dane is older, we will be back for sure.

no pictures of shakespeare on my camera! i can’t believe it. shame on me. i had to take this one off my iphone. poor pups had a tough time with the heat. here he is trying to cool down after a walk. summer can be hard on bulldogs!
so now all we can do is hope and pray that our renters are good to our house. its really nerve-racking spending so much time away, not knowing what is going on in there. i can’t wait for the summer when we can keep the house to ourselves and spend every weekend there.. that time will come! in the meantime we are finding plenty of activities and beaches to fill the balance of the summer.

our st. martin vacation

we’ve unpacked- meaning emptied the luggage.. but nothing has been put away. last week was one of those stretches where i didn’t even pretend to care about standard housekeeping duties. we went to work, dropped-off, picked-up, executed the lunch packing, bottle cleaning, bathing… with a little outside play-time before dinner and that’s about it. and that’s fine. our house is in rare form, but i’ll catch-up eventually.

then last weekend was a sun-up to sun-down work-a-thon in brewster to finish the deck and the kitchen and get the house back in shape (i use the term “finish” loosely).

i’m disappointed i didn’t sit down and write about our trip while it was freshest in my mind. it was our first family adventure and i never want to forget what i was like to spend a week with baby dane in the caribbean. when things slow down we will definitely make a little mixbook memory book (like the one we made as a gift for our friends who planned most of the trip).

in the meantime here are some pics from our trip (90% of which are dane in the pool, dane at the beach, and dane eating.. haha)