sun room

snowy spring cape cod weekend

we spent the past weekend in brewster… drove down friday night in a snow storm where cars were slipping and sliding on the highway like it was the first storm of the season. it took us longer than expected to get there and we were totally exhausted by the time we unloaded.

the only grand plan i had for the weekend was to paint the fridge with chalkboard paint (yup, i’m going for it) but the tintable kind was sold out when i went on the home depot run thursday night, so that plan was thwarted. we just chipped away at some random odds & ends like replacing some light switches (off-white for white), stripping some more trim in the lower level and clearing it out for the flooring install.

i bundled up and hung some finishing touches in the rejuvenated sunroom during dane’s nap saturday…

but the room is currently a dumping ground for stuff from the downstairs and looks like this… so still no finished product photos available.

speaking of the lower level… there have been some plot twists since my flooring post. turns out the labor cost for the herringbone pattern i had my heart set on is outrageously expensive. like twice as much as the standard “brick lay”. it took me a long time to get over it (i’m still not over it).. but the lowes people quoted us an additional $2k or so and we got two more quotes in the same ballpark. at the end of the day, it was too much money. 
so i solemnly picked up the sample pattern i laid a few weeks before, and we’ll have it installed in the regular, boring way the weekend of april 16th. you may also notice its not the tile i had previously decided on. the more weathered style (“c” if you will) was discontinued and lowes would not install it. i’m actually happy with this change of plans.. it think this “natural timber cinnamon” might actually be the better choice in the end.
in other news… this wall… i was going to paint it an accent color, but now i’m thinking maybe wallpaper!?

dane was a really happy guy all weekend.  he had his little workbench and tools and followed mike around “helping” with all of the “construction”.

he didn’t want to leave sunday. that makes me happy.

it was a good weekend. sometimes it feels like we only go to brewster to bust our butts and try to get stuff done. then there is usually the stressful rushing around on sundays to ensure everything is renter-ready at all times. its kind of nice knowing we will be the only ones back for a month or so… i can leave dane’s mattress on the floor, sheets on the beds and soap in the shower. i feel like this past weekend we were able to get stuff done but also watch a bunch of basketball and relax just enough. i hope as the years go by there will be more of this balance during our brewster visits.

brewster : sunroom love

b o y  am i happy its the weekend. this is officially a brewster weekend. its been a long time since we’ve spent 3 nights in brewster (july?). per usual there is sooo much we want to get done – namely, finish the sunroom and devise a plan for the basement floor. mike even wants to start painting down there (white!)… ambitious, but i like it.

i put “brewster basement floors part I” in the title when i sat down to write this, but i am realizing i haven’t mentioned a thing about the sunroom work we’ve been doing. 
it began, yet again, with carpet woes. carpets have short lives in rental properties.. or so we’ve learned.. we wanted to get rid of the stained carpet which led to new baseboards and trim which led to finally painting the whole room. the usual.

here are some pictures from a few years ago (pre – renter era) when the carpet was in perfectly decent condition. we didn’t do much to the room. just sheer curtain panels, some hand-me-down wicker, those stumps, and crate & barrel (west elm?) throw pillows. don’t ask what i was trying to do with the weird tint in my photo editing here. its awful. here is my original sunroom post.

we never loved the yellowy walls but felt no urgent desire to paint.

fast forward to the carpet two years later. had to go.
we ripped it out along with all the baseboards and trim.

now, a few months later, mike has painted the floor and the walls bright white, replaced the baseboards (5″ pine flat stock) and trim (3.5″) and we hired a pro to paint the ceiling a pretty blue (nantucket fog).

its so bright and fresh and clean and i’m so excited to put the room back together.

oh, and my favorite – nice white outlet covers and switch plates. its the little things.

we’ll have to wait a few weeks for pictures of the finished (furnished) room because there is too much football to watch today to finish up! let’s go patriots!

sunroom post

the sunroom is off the kitchen in the back of the house.
here it is before we moved in. a bit heavy in the vegetation department and not very functional.

early sunroom related drama resulted from my attempt to dye the cushion covers of the wicker furniture mike’s parents graciously handed down to us. i successfully converted the fabric from this light blue denim color…

to this darker blue…

however, the fabric shredded at practically all of the seems. thus the thumbs down. i used hot water and the normal wash cycle, which was clearly too much for the old stitching to take. at first i didn’t think any of the covers would be salvagable. later, i realized i could cover the top cushions with “european” sized shams (25×25 inch) from west elm and the bottoms could be strategically positioned so that the bad seems were hidden. (moral of the story is to be careful dying with hot water on older fabric and test one before before diving in with the other 7 to be sure the process is safe).

i had to really shove the pillow in there, but its a good alternative to having new covers made, or the old ones repaired.

look what else now live in the sunroom… the stumps!
oddly, i first received only two of the three tables i ordered – the third came a week later and hasn’t made it to the cape yet. these tables look perfect in the middle of the room but are so heavy. so my whole theory about having smaller, moveable tables for when we want to pull out the trundle is out the window. they are the opposite of easy to move. and mike just asked me to mention that he carried them all by himself across the yard. they are 103 pounds each – he is oh so strong and manly. 
the day bed and trundle are from hayneedle, which is a pretty awesome website for all sorts of furniture. shipping was free, and it included a twin mattress. (the futon mattress is from west elm).
we also put up rods along the full length of the three walls and hung sheer panels – inspired by younghouselove. you may also notice our daybed is similar to theirs…. sometimes i like to make my own crappy version of their amazing rooms and pretend i have great taste. i’d love to eventually replace our blah carpet and do something fabulous with the floor like they did in this pic.
all our pillows are from west elm, except the “avocado” green are crate & barrel.
over-all the room has a very outdoorsy, nature feel with its green/blue/white color scheme. it is very fresh, crisp and apropos for a sunroom. 
before & after: