the basement rug

the final, outsourced piece of our finished basement puzzle is happening tomorrow. then we are done… and if we’re not done, we are on. our. own.
we made such a last minute rug choice a few months back, that i don’t even have a picture of the sample we picked. i thought we were going with a grey industrial carpet, but then we changed our minds right before decision time to a fuller, softer, salt-and-peppery-colored berber. we had empire come give us a quote first. then we met with the local guy recommended by our contractor. if his price was anywhere close, we really preferred to give our business to local guy. it was close. better, even. so we called empire to cancel and get our deposit back (because you know, you only get that “really special price” if you book the installation and give them a deposit that same day…) empire of course promised to beat the competitor’s price, but we said, no thanks, and felt good about giving local guy the job.

anyway, i have a special treat for you today. a guest blogger. i’m going to let shakespeare tell the rug choosing story since he was very involved in the process.
take it away shakey…

hi. i’m shakespeare and i’m 4.

i spend a lot of time with my bully body on rugs, so i was pleased when my mom & dad asked me to help pick one out for our new basement, which, quite frankly, i find terrifying. i am not messing around with those scary, uncarpeted stairs. 

at any rate…. we had a lot of choices..

mom wanted something cheap (because she will be layering with area rugs) and dark (because me and my brother are very messy… and mom spills a lot).
at first, i was torn between these two…
then i got a really good feeling about this one.. and i know my mom is into grey…
so i did some due-diligence..
yes, this is definitely the one. “mom, pick this one!” i shouted.

at first they agreed. i thought this grey rug and i would grow old together…

but next thing i know, mom and dad end up going with a completely different berber rug instead. they tell me it is cushier and will feel better under my bully paws. i hope so… i really don’t like the idea of those stairs..


so what is UP with 2014? its a blizzard, its warm, its FREEZING… come to think of it, my eating patterns are emulating the weather. i drink green juice all day, i eat three cupcakes the next (technically it was one cupcake plus 2 cupcake tops)… i won’t bore you with a belated list of resolutions, but the bottom line is, i am trying to clean up my act. with mixed results. more on this later.. (lets just say i got a nutribullet for christmas and i want to tell you all about it).
any who, here are some adorable pics of baby dane:

so silly.
oh, remember that little teaser i threw in at the end of the finished entry post? well, we have gone from this:

to this:

i am taking baby steps to a whole new level. can the finish-project-fairy please swing by and hang these frames for us please? thanks. notice the christmas decorations are down? that is an accomplishment in itself.

joking aside, we have been very very busy on the home improvement front. busy planning and demo-ing mostly. we are officially REfinishing our basement over the next month or so. not US, someone we hired.. but we plan to be very involved in the process.

(demo (read: destroying) is his specialty.. )

so this will basically become the finishing my basement blog for the unforeseeable future. its all so exciting. a little overwhelming and a little stressful (its a big investment and a lot of faith in our contractor).. but mostly exciting.

the before pictures could not be any more terrifying, so this should be a very serious “before and after of the century” candidate!

i lied when i said i would only be talking about the basement project. i have a lot on my mind. i think i am going to get more random than ever in the coming weeks. till next time!

on your 4th birthday…

dear shakey:

 you are our best friend.

the best big brother.

you are our first baby.

you are so patient.

you are a very important part of our family.

you are a good sport.

did i mention you are patient?

 you are a partner in crime.

you are the best company.

you are so cute….

i know you won’t be around forever, but you have meant more to us than we ever thought possible and already filled us with lifetimes of love. when we brought you home 4 years minus six weeks ago, we didn’t yet know that it would be one of the best decisions of our lives. without you, we wouldn’t be us. we definitely wouldn’t be the fatz four. you have been by our side through many highs and lows. brought us so many smiles. 
we bring you everywhere. we cuddle with you every night. we love you so freakin much. here’s to many more years of high-paws, head rolls, bully marches, velvety jowls, suckles, steady freddies, stubborn paws, gorilla noses, tugs, dragon snorts, high-fives, bully moans, cow spots, mascara wearing, snaggle-tooth smiles, zoomies and pillow pets.
happy birthday to my one and only shakespeare.

beach stop

just some pictures from our trip to the beach yesterday because its not even about the house really.. its about this.  if i had it my way, we would visit this beach every time we are in brewster. even when there is snow on the ground.

after a hectic day in our construction zone of a house, the beach stop was so refreshing. 
dane took his first beach steps…
he is still figuring out the concept of uneven ground so there was a lot of toppling forward. so much of his life has been spent indoors that the natural slope of a landscape is completely foreign to him. its so amazing watching him discover the world. he was so fascinated by the sand on his hands (and face and in his mouth).

a little follow-the-leader…

shakey, on the other hand, is an old beach pro. this might be his favorite place on earth. we have a lot in common. it makes me SO HAPPY to see shakey so happy and free. i love him so much. 

shakey’s 3rd birthday

it was a great weekend.
we dropped the baby off at grandma’a and headed down to mohegan sun for a dmb show. a little roulette, dinner and drinks with friends, an amazing set by dave, more drinks. a lot of fun. no pictures, thats how fun it was. we did, however, manage to come away from the weekend with about 800 pictures of shakespeare. pretty standard.
here is the birthday boy at the hotel. 
yes, this bed will do just fine…

and now at his favorite park in southie yesterday where the birthday festivities took place

dane is always ready to party


shakey’s best friend, kylie was there

birthday cake


i love this dog so much. people told me that after the baby came, things would be different .. we would forget to give shakey his heart worm pills, he would get fewer walks, we would care less… they couldn’t have been more wrong. shakey is so sweet, so silly, so lovable. i still smother him with hugs and kisses everyday after work and would never be able to sleep without him in bed with us. he is such an important part of this family. dane has been interacting with him more and more and its just priceless. he is mostly interested in tugging his ears, but has also started to reach out and pet his back with his chubby little hands.. it just melts my heart. we always talk about the day shakey will chose to sleep in bed with dane instead of us. its so weird to think about, but we know it will happen!
happy birthday shakespeare. you are the best pup i will ever know.

birthday in brewster

there was very little home improvement happening this past weekend – but we had a WILD few days of celebrating mikeys 32nd year on earth packed with fatz family fun.

buckle-up. things are about to get crazy…

there was cake baking…

quail mallard hunting
… playing in the yard …
… a few rounds of golf

family dinners
of course the obligatory beer taste testing…

this is normal, right?
we had some photo shoots…

… did some cuddling
then finally caught up on some sleep
i know what you’re thinking.. you could never keep up with us. you’re probably right. 
 this reckless mayhem is bound to continue all summer long. its gonna be a good one 🙂