the latest from martha’s vineyard

just a few photos my sister sent me from last weekend’s visit to the island (is it seriously thursday already? i guess thats a good thing).
it was an extra special visit because we went to an island off an island! (chappaquiddick). 
three sisters and two (big) baby cousins..
after a surprise brunch feast for liz’s bday, we walked down along emily’s back yard which happens to end at the atlantic ocean. it was a dreary saturday, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the coast and enjoying the ocean air. 
riley picks up the remains of a sea creature, shows it to dane and says “a horse shoe crab”. no big deal for this 2 year old son of a fisherman.
scaling the rocks

emily’s boyfriend made a gluten free carrot cake that was out of this world.
i love dane in this pic. kid loves food.

this was our first trip to visit my sisters without mike or shakey. we took the ferry from woods hole and sat up in a window booth by the snack bar, just the two of us. it was a really fun little adventure. the highlight for me: when dane popped up in his packnplay in the middle of the night and i pulled him up into bed with me until the morning (which was 6 am. “riley”. “toys”. “riley”. ” UP TOYS!”).

finally, cake number two of the visit. the richest gluten free chocolate cake you could imagine. i don’t remember why riley isn’t wearing clothes at this point, but it seemed completely normal at the time.
visiting my island sisters is like a little vacation every time. i’m so lucky!

holiday card 2013

a little holiday talk (before i divulge perhaps the biggest cosmetic update to our house yet…)
this year’s christmas card! a simple message of peace & joy, because that’s what i feel when i’m with these two.
have you seen a rounder, more kissable cheek in your lifetime? or a cuter doggie bum for that matter? your answers are no and no WAY.
and now the cards of holidays’ past:




i can’t believe how many we already have in the collection. the years are zipping by!

photo sessions with these two guys are straight up cardio workouts these days. one of us just snaps away while the other corrals the models. it is definitely a two-man job, and yes, there is sandwich meat in the back of the coup.

i chose one of the more candid, artsy photos for the card (there was some really cute stuff we passed up!)

this was the runner-up..

then this happened and our photo shoot was a wrap.

then he befriended a reindeer and everything was ok.

i love our holiday card tradition. i use tiny prints, but there is so much good stuff out there these days for photo cards, they have come such a long way.

a very vineyard weekend

on friday we drove to falmouth in the pouring rain. p o u r i n g. me, my mom, dane, and shakey. having family that live on an island (namely: my two sisters who live on martha’s vineyard) is a blessing and a curse. its an island… so you have to take a boat. with a baby and a moody bulldog its almost impossible to go without bringing your car over which requires reservations and dollar bills. on the other hand.. well, its an island… so picnic dinners on menemsha beach where crowds applaud the sunset is a standard saturday night. things like this make it all worth it.

also, there’s this kid…

we did very vinyardy things over the weekend. saturday, we went to a farmers market, then the playground, then straight to squibnocket beach to watch uncle al surf (the waves were huge.. for new england standards..), then later, the picnic dinner.

i took some pictures of my sister’s “homemade” house. its pretty amazing what they have created. alec pretty much built this house with his own two hands. the furnishing and fixtures inside are about 98% salvaged / thrifted / second hand and 2% otherwise. its so cozy, tasteful and true to their simple, organic style.

this is the main floor which is a big, open kitchen/dining/living area –


shakey wasn’t allowed on the couch. but we didn’t think it would count if we put a sheet down.. (some house guests we are!)

this is the master bedroom -

this dresser is to-die-for. its like when people paint and distress a dresser to give it a vintage feel, except this is 100% genuine vintage and naturally distressed! it was given to them for free.

a short wagon ride across the way is the original house on their property (the one they bought with the land before building the bigger house), which, conveniently, is being rented by little sis, emily!


its just one big room, a bathroom, a bedroom, and loft where emily sleeps. this is the view from the loft -
how cute is this? are you seeing the little hotair balloon light? emily is a million times more crafty than me.. this little house is oozing with her quirky personality.


(we ate this)

the shower is a really cool cave-like area made of pretty stones.

i’ll be sure to get an update later in the summer, because they are making so much progress finishing the basement of the big house and pulling everything together now that the big stuff is mostly complete.

my new favorite photo editing app

i need more quick and easy in my life. and thats exactly what this app is. i’m totally loving it. abeautifulmess. an amazing blog, an awesome app.
i’m no tech expert and i probably have the fewest apps on my iphone of anyone i know, but i am having by far the most fun to date with this beautifulmess app. there are 6 filters (so you don’t have to spend 20 mins choosing one) and really cute doodles and ‘phrases’ in their fun, handwritten fonts. its also the first one i’ve ever bought. best 99 cents i’ve spent since last summer’s slush puppies.

look, i can even take a morning selfie in my office and the ‘milkshake’ filter practically washes away the dark circles under my eyes. 

happy hump day indeed.
safe to say you can expect more of these on the ole’ blog.

all things ‘one’ – printstagram

dane’s first birthday party is saturday. this is big. this is huge. not only do i live for this stuff (party planning & hosting) but my BABY IS ONE.

his actual birthday is april 3rd. a wednesday. so we will be celebrating the weekend before- which happens to be easter weekend. it works out perfectly, really, because the (stock) market is closed friday which gives us a free day to set-up and we will have the family together for an easter brunch the morning after.

we are expecting a few babies, a few ‘big kids’, some close friends, a few neighbors and lots of family (including the cousins from new jersey – yay!). so basically, it should be a total sh*t show.

i can’t say there is a game plan for food at this point (food is not really my thing) but i – of course -have a number of crafts underway.

i told you i would find an awesome use for these.

behold the instagram ‘one’.

i just stuck them on my giant roll of craft paper with zots (if you don’t have zots, you should buy them now. go. they are so handy). i rolled a piece of scrap wood into the bottom to weigh it down (secured with more zots) and rolled a little wooden dowel into the top to hang it. i think i’ll hot-glue a ribbon around it to frame it before the party.

you better believe there will be more birthday party reports over the next couple days. (just wait ’till you see the cake!!)

also, i am eating dairy queen right now. so that means its spring.