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fun with instagram prints

i’ve really been enjoying instagram these days. its my go-to social media outlet (i’ve pretty much abandoned facebook). i feel like my little instagram cirlce is so much more low-key and fun to share silly or humdrum family pics than facebook where i’m sure my hundreds of “friends” are uninterested.
a couple weeks ago i set out to explore ways to print some of my favorite instagrams. for standard 4″ square prints, printstagram seemed the most straightforward. i got 24 squares for $12. fine, tho i did not enjoy paying for shipping. i looked everywhere for a free shipping promo code, but came up empty handed. with all the free shipping on furniture and most any order anywhere over $50, i am bothered spending $ on a 4″ square envelope, i can’t help it. fedex delivered the prints a week later (you have to be home for the delivery – so they leave one of those sticky notes on your door you have to sign… not a big deal, but doesn’t seem necessary, you know?). i don’t know why i am sounding all disgruntled about prinstagram.. the service was perfectly fine – easy and i got exactly what i expected.

this is a long-winded intro to my little project involving the 2 pop-out image squares (weird dog and truck with eyes) from my $11.99 kohls collage kit.

i’m going to use the 2 squares and 3 frames separately and not as intended for this collage formation. i turned the squares into instragram art for dane’s room in two easy steps.

paint white (i used the benjamin moore matte white that mike uses on trim).


(after paint dries) cover in mod podge, stick photo in the middle, and cover in mod podge again.

i used a tooth brush
don’t panic when it looks like this – it dries perfectly clear.



these will go in dane’s room along side another little project in the pipeline.

ps. happy valentines day. for the first time ever, i have THREE valentines. boy am i lucky.

diy quatrefoil mirrors

why do i hate using the ‘diy’ acronym? it makes me feel corny – i don’t know..

these three narrow mirrors were given to us by mike’s parents when they moved. i knew i could find a place for them, so they have been sitting around since the spring.

now that the dining room is painted, it was time to pull them out, dress them up, and hang them on the big blank wall that is visible from the tv room. there was 2 feet of snow outside when we woke up yesterday, so we weren’t going anywhere!
mike had spray painted them last week. so my project was to add a quatrefoil decal to make them look a little more modern and interesting.

i made my own stencil by tracing 4 overlapping circles onto cardstock (using the lid of dane’s earths best formula canister – it was the perfect size!).

i traced the stencil with this oil based sharpie paint pen. i’ve never worked with this paint/pen/marker situation before, so i had no idea what to expect.

after a quick trace, i was left with some pretty messy edges –
but i was able to go along them and clean them up pretty easily with my finger wrapped in a paper towel & dipped in windex.

they were so quick and easy and turned out great (my kind of craft)!

and look good against the dark blue wall.

we hung them off-centered like this because we have an old hutch living in the basement that we will be refurbishing and putting on the other side of the wall hopefully in this lifetime.. its also nice to see the mirrors when you look through from the tv room & kitchen..

so i definitely recommend using a pen like this to add a little something to an old or new mirror. because it was easy to wipe off, it was easy to fix mistakes.. but that also means that the paint is definitely not permanent and the mirrors are not exactly wipeable (is this a word?). so how will i clean them? very carefully. for more staying power, you can use a stained glass paint like gallery glass instead (if i find these shapes are wiping off or fading, i’ll probably trace over them with white gallery glass paint). 
getting something on the wall was a big step toward finishing up this room! can you tell i am still experimenting with window treatments? ha..


we did something really cool.

the hallway wall leading from the kitchen to the stairway is now a magnetic, chalk board wonderland.

we picked up these rust-oleum quarts at home depot on the way back from brewster last weekend, and a day & a half later mike had banged out the whole wall.

the magnetic primer [one coat] had a strong chemically smell, so we had to open up some windows and i took dane out for a jog then played upstairs while mike was rolling it on (with a “hot dog” roller. really, thats what its called). the chalk board paint [two coats] was odorless. both were a little messy (black drips against white trim is not very forgiving, but the trim needed to be painted anyway).

mike often second guesses my quirky design ideas [what do you mean you’re not sure about the rhino?], so i’m glad he was on board with this one. its probably my favorite project we’ve done in the house so far.

one thing: the magnetic primer = not so magnetic. we should have done two coats. maybe even three. certain magnetics will stick, some wont. no chance we’ll be hanging up paper/photos with magnets – they fall right off. some areas are stronger than others. i cant imagine how ineffective it must have been before it was “3xs stronger!”.

i didnt take many pictures of the process since i was keeping dane away from the work site. but this is the wall before. all naked and sad:

and now black and magic:

 quality control inspection:

ok, pass.

lots of other stuff going on around here. we’re trying to get the house ready for company over the holidays. tomorrow, however, we are headed to mohegan sun for a dmb show! dane is spending the night with grandma, which means it will be my first night away from him. i really can’t imagine not waking up to our 6am nursing session. i’m either going to be really sad and cry, or blissfully fast asleep late into the morning . it could go either way.

omg i don’t know if i will be able to do it!

things i painted yellow

i like painting things. i haven’t done a lot of it, but i think about it a lot and plan to start doing more of it.
what i really like is taking something old or ordinary and making it new and one of a kind. we have a ways to go before either house feels complete and instead of picking furniture sets and accessories out of a catalogue or show room, i want to keep things creative and interesting and a reflection of our family.
i recently got my hands on the leftover yellow from the laundry room
i’ve been starting to mix in some yellows as an accent color throughout the first floor.
so i set out to paint this “and” sign i randomly got at target. these “and”s are very trendy… i have no idea why and they really dont make much sense to me, but i jumped right on the bandwagon nonetheless.


slapped with a quick coat of yellow…

and finally sprayed with a coat of clear finish…


next – a one, two and a three…

weird, right? i know. i’ll show you where these are going in my next post!

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a vineyard thrift

there has been a lot of painting going on in the household… most of which is incomplete.

for now – this is the story of a little hook i bought in vineyard haven for $.50.. (fiddy cent):

and this is the story of 3 rainy days in the vineyard visiting my sisters (happiness overload):

gypsy teal

we didn’t think we were going to paint a thing. it was part of the appeal. we liked all the colors. the place barely needed any work… we just had to move in. wrong. after a few months it became clear that the pale green in the main room was not going to cut it. i always gravitate to dark & warm or bold & modern colors. the green was so blah and it was the entire living area. for the house to feel like a relaxing get-away, we needed to shake it up and pick a new, fun color. it was a risky choice, but i thought a bold blue-green would give the room a nautical feel and make the white frames and wall-art we planned, really pop.
we went to loews on a friday after work and left with gypsy teal in hand en route to brewster.
the painting project began late in the evening. we transfered every lamp in the house into the poorly lit living room, pushed the furtniture to the middle of the room, strategically plopped a few drop cloths and got to work.  
 i think we had some old SNL shows on in the background
this was shakespeare’s first duty as quality control inspector. he took the job very seriously.
 he liked to sit on the drop clothes like he was at a picnic or something. so funny..  i cant get enough of these pictures…

all in all, the undertaking was fairly painless and made a world of difference. it felt like OUR house now! the color came out great and really makes a statement!

shakespeare has officially become head of QC. thanks for all your hard work, shakes!