the big winner

just a really quick follow-up to my elaborate, dramatic nursery lighting post before we head to brewster tonight (and i am actually bringing my camera for this trip – the floor is installed!)

i ordered this yesterday. not surprisingly, it wasn’t even on my original watch-list! i stalk certain items at urban outfitters waiting for them to go on sale… and in the process, i came across this great deal and it just felt right for the nursery. impulsive, but .. 30 bucks..

i should be a UO ambassador or at least figure out affiliate links… their sales are so good, i can’t stay away.

Plum Bow Scallop Pendant


many updates coming soon: the brewster floor, the painted nursery, a craigslist changing table makeover, and my very first wallpapering project!

also, there is a huge baby girl in my belly and we go to dairy queen a lot.

that’s all. happy weekend!



nursery odds & ends :: tan and triangular

but first… look at this little human my sister made..
he’s pretty cute and perfect and impossibly small. dane was mostly indifferent toward him, but when we let him “hold” him, he had the biggest smile on his face. it was the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen. i think i’ll lose my **** when its his baby sister he’s holding.
now onto the material things…
there has been no progress in the nursery what-so-ever, but i have been snatching up random treasures – all on sale – to eventually use in the new baby’s room. i feel like i should share with you now in case the sales don’t last and you want to get in on the action.
i hope this doesn’t come back haunt me… the fact that i don’t have a plan for what goes where… this on this wall, that on the other… i just love this neutral, geometric vibe and have been accumulating these accessories over the past few weeks in hopes i can make it all work.
and can we talk about sales? have you heard the whole “you should only buy something on sale that you would be willing to pay full-price for…?” this makes zero sense to me. yes, you can be tricked/psychologically manipulated by sales… i’m sure i have been, but i also know that i would not have paid full price for any of this stuff… and i don’t see how this means i shouldn’t be buying it on sale. i like it all. a lot. that’s why i bought it. on sale. if  you would have paid full price for something, wouldn’t you – in most cases – already own it? everyone has a price they are willing/not willing to pay, right? whatever. [end rant]

diamond shag rug (6’7″x9′) $576 $144
(looks like only 70% off these days… i got it prez day wkend for 75% off)

nesting hexagon shelves $160 $119.99
(this was an impulse buy… i think i ordered it on my iphone while sitting on the bathroom floor during dane’s bath (its too easy) i hope i love them.. i think i will).

magical thinking geo sol mirror $49 $19.99
(give me all of the triangles)

magical thinking wall banner $18 $12

nate berkus fringed wall art $34.99 (+10% off today)
(i got the bigger sized one a while back… i can’t find it anywhere anymore.. sold out?)

the purple stuff you see above, i don’t own.. i threw them in there just to mix in some plum which will be the accent color… there will be a plum accent wall, etc etc.

so i really just need a light (to replace the boob) and black-out shades for the windows. then we just need to find the time to paint and pull it all together. time time time.

to be continued.

(no affiliate links or anything btw)

oh, happy st. patricks day!

initial nursery thoughts and some sales

i’m having a baby girl in may. did i mention that? it almost feels too good to be true.. like i won the lottery or something.. (even though like two million baby girls are born in the u.s. every year). i am so excited to have this baby. it feels so different from the first time around… just because i now know how awesome it is (and this time i get braid hair and buy tutus). oh man. pinch me. the very early stages of brainstorming the nursery look something like this. naturals and neutrals with a plum accent and a little whimsy here & there.

i have time, so i want to take my time with any purchases… i really shouldn’t need to buy much but man its hard once you start poking around. here are some sales i feel compelled to share.

land of nod changing pad cover i bought this, obviously. what a crazy sale. even with shipping (i hate paying for shipping) it was a great price.

hdc elephant hamper i’ve had my eye on this. i’ll probably buy it at this sale price, but haven’t committed yet.

uo rug all rugs are 25% off. i think this 5×7 would work.. i really like the geometric pattern (you can’t really discern in the pic above) which is pretty much the same as the rug on my wall. i’m going to keep my area rug options open for now though.

pottery barn kids light got excited about this one, then realized its just for the shade.. the base is another $40. but still awesome and maybe worth it.

giraffe [head] tray

one of shakey’s first toys ever was a little giraffe who we fondly referred to as giraffe head. below is a rare shot of a new, sprightly giraffe head who quickly lost a few limbs and was later shredded to pieces in fairly short order. 
2.5 years we decorated dane’s nursery in memory of giraffe head (r.i.p.)
i had no clue what i would do with this shelf-liner when i bought it at tjmaxx a few weeks ago (i had no intention of lining a shelf) but i knew its time would come.
sure enough.. dane ate the last jar of his veggie variety pack over the weekend and i had an idea…
so i set out wrapping the cardboard tray with the shelf liner.
its pretty handy stuff.. sticky on the back but not too sticky, so its easy to work with.
i went into this with zero game plan, per usual. i just wrapped the paper around the box quick & dirty.

fun, right?

you know what else is fun?
radio flyer wagons.


in case you were on the edge of your seat, hoping, waiting, wishing to know what became of the newly yellow numbers, today is your day.

in effort to make the changing corner of dane’s nursery more functional, i added a little shelf, diaper dispenser, and hooks with the yellow, playful numbers, in preparation for mcas testing just for fun.

i have come to realize that the best time… the only time… i am up for contributing to my little blog is early in the morning when i’m all hopped up on caffeine. down time is almost non-existent these days. its so crazy how much has changed since last summer.

so much has happened around here in the past month or so that i wish i had chronicled. baby dane has rounded the 3 month corner and is just weeks away from peas and carrots and real life FOOD. what a BIG BOY!

i mean… seriously….
this little man is by far the most photogenic in the family. more big boy pics to come!
oh, and living room updates…

my version of the book sling

i was caught off guard by the number of books i received as gifts for the baby on the way. i never considered them something i’d need or want, but they are obviously an important thing to have for raising a genius baby (i’m pretty sure this little guy will be leaving the womb with a third grade reading level).

so to store the new book collection i decided to take on a very simplified version of the diy book sling. there are a number of tutorials on blogs and crafty sites, so i googled one and watered it down as much as possible… ie no sewing, measuring, or power tools required.

i used a cheap burlap-y fabric, a long stick i found in our back yard, and double curtain rod brackets from lowes.

ok, i did use a tape measure once to determine where the middle of the stick was…

then i sawed it in half…. with a bread knife…

i used iron-on hem glue stuff to bond the burlap fabric so i didn’t have to sew anything and used fray guard on the edges to avoid hemming…

and there you have it

i hope the sticks hold up – you can tell the front one is bending (if it snaps, it can be easily replaced)…

nursery (calm before the storm)

deadlines are always helpful in getting things done and the deadline for this room is just over 2 weeks away. in a few short weeks we will have our very own human living here!

here are a couple “before”s i snapped during the home inspection:

and here is our “safari chic” nursery today patiently waiting for a baby to move in:
shakespeare is mystified by this room. every now & then i find him in here sniffing the giraffe’s bum or trying to play with the lion. little does he know there is an even more intriguing creature joining the jungle animals very soon!

getting thru

this wednesday i will officially be 37 weeks and have a full term baby boy in my enormous belly! as exciting as this is and as close as we finally are to d-day, the past fews weeks have been some of the most physically and emotionally challenging in my life.  the constant discomfort, frequent pain, and mood swings (usually the result of exhaustion) have been getting the best of me. i know i am lucky to be healthy and weeks away from such a miracle… but this month… its just been hard.

here are some of the little reminders that this is all more than worth it…

of course also helping me thru the home stretch. these guys.