living room

a quick knock-off

it all started in 2009 when i made my own centerpieces for my wedding… with lots of help from my mom… and they involved 16″ diameter mirrors that my mom accumulated from yard sales and craft stores and other mom-ish sources. 5 years later, i still had a number of these laying around.
so then i see these in a west elm catalogue.. you know those catalogues that they send you DAILY.

easy. i even had the perfect spray paint left over from the rods holding my new rug-on-the-wall creation.

but how to affix to the wall? i considered a number of options involving wood, gorilla glue, nails, and picture hanging hardware. it felt a bit messy and risky so i procrastinated a while.

enter the disc. i stumbled upon these things in a blog where someone was explaining the art of hanging plates on the wall. they worked perfectly!

and my wall is complete!

the sunburst mirror is from target and the little shelves on the other side are supposed to be square floating shelves, but i tilted them diagonally and now they are much more interesting.

standard bull dog position in this one, and can you spot the hidden stephanie?

i hung a rug on the wall

there’s this big wall in our tv room above the couch that has been problematic since we moved in. it’s big and it needed something big and interesting on it. our first two feeble attempts fell (very) short…
we couldn’t take the rhino any longer so we took everything down. it was blank for over a year. i sort of gave up. 
and then over the long weekend, i hung a rug on it. and i think i like it. 
big: check. interesting: check.
but lets rewind.
i found this cool “denim” rug at urban outfitters on ridiculous sale and i liked it a lot, but was fresh out of floors to put it on. (they currently only have the 3×5 in stock.. but i got a 5×7 for $63 ($79 + 20% off) and free shipping. insane). so i ordered it and told mike i wanted to hang it on the wall and god bless his soul, he helped me do it.
i initially pictured this situation with wooden dowels, but home depot didn’t have right size, so i ended up with some sort of aluminum/metal(?) pipes.. super cheap, like $4 each.. and spray painted the ends and the hooks “aged copper” by rust-oleum.
to create the pockets for the pipes, i used industrial strength velcro. on a total whim…, i had no idea if it would work (the rug is heavy!). turns out, this stuff is legit. the adhesive and velcro are super strong. it worked perfectly. $28 for 15 ft, but worth it.

.. a couple wall anchors, hooks and screws and it was up.

and that’s my story.

i’d like to give a shout out to my loving husband who goes along with my weird ideas and to the guy at home depot who walked us around the store showing me various pipe and dowel options and didn’t bat an eye when i told him it was for holding up a rug.

happy labor day!

rhino rhino on the wall

no, really. there is a rhino on my wall.

but lets take a step back…

for weeks, maybe a month even, this adorned the largest wall in our house:

a number of visitors asked us why we didn’t remove the sticker in the corner with the frame dimensions, thinking that the green leaf pattern was the art we intended to display and not just the place-holder that came with the frame. really, we just hung the frames as an experiment to see how they would look and were too pregnant to deal with taking them down or figuring out what to put in them.

finally, shortly after dane was born, i spent countless hours on looking at thousands of prints to potentially fill these 24×36″ frames.
yes, thousands. and what did i come up with? a blue rhinoceros and a cluster of dots. 

 i definitely had a “what was i thinking” moment when they finally arrived… could i be anymore random than a solitaire blue rhino? but they are totally growing on me.

and don’t forget how pathetic the previous attempt to decorate this wall was:

i flanked the rhino and seaweed with these decorative cube shelves from kohls:

and some brand new pics of the little cherub:

so – for now – i am checking this wall off the list!

ps – how cool is this light??

pps – did you really think i was going to post without pic of my baby bug?

living room [minor] progress

the ball is rolling, but we have a ways to go before this room will feel complete. it is in dire need of color- but i feel like we need those chairs before i can choose the right art, window treatment, etc etc.. oh and we need money too… 
i guess its good to still have lots of finishing touches to look forward to. its only been 2 month after all and we have been a bit preoccupied with preparing for the human life we will be solely responsible for in 32 days (not to mention the fact that for the past week or so, i have been barely capable of getting thru the work day then almost immediately into bed).
to quote the great dave matthews, “if i had it all, then what would i go on for”… or something like that…
here is the underwhelming progress:

the rundown
– “gina sectional sofa” from macys
– “hunter trunk” coffee table from crate & barrel (already owned)
– “recycled accent table” from home decorators (already owned)
– “driftwood wall sconces” from shades of light
– mirror from christmas tree shop
– wall hangings from homegoods & kohls (will be replaced.. am not feeling it)
– “columbus wood brown tv console” from overstock
– corner cube table from walmart (already owned)
i think thats everything
wish list
– big, colorful, art for the wall behind the couch
– some sort of area rug to layer (flokati?)
– the perfect drapes for the sliding doors (and remove those hideous blinds)
– colorful throw pillows
the new living room has become home to shakespeare’s favorite spot in the house. these pics make me happy 🙂

make-shift models

i started decorating this house long before our closing date… or the acceptance of our offer… ok..  before we made an offer… i don’t know what it is. its so fun for me. a creative outlet i guess.
its funny looking back on these pathetic, make-shift, mood boards (i made them by copying & pasting images onto an excel worksheet – i’m a spreadsheet nerd). one day i’ll learn how to make real ones.
the living room would actually look a little bit like this if these west elm upholstered chairs we ordered in NOVEMER. EVER. CAME. apparently there has been some delay by the manufacturer and we are still waiting for them with zero idea of when they will actually come (they did tell us they were reversing all delivery and surcharges which will save us over $200 but still – i want my chairs). patience isn’t my thing.

naturally, along with the virtual decorating, came virtual shopping. and at times of weakness – real shopping. first came the table from pottery barn (via an amazing sale and will probably be the only pottery barn furniture we will ever own). i then considered a gazillion chair options. the finalists were the west elm “modern windsor” on the right and the “virginia cross-back” i found on over-stock (and eventually ordered from walmart) on the left. 

this bed visual is the saddest of all! we did end up getting the headboard and frame from overstock (and love it). but luckily i went to the actual west elm store and realized i hated this duvet cover.

next i’ll post the real things!