the big winner

just a really quick follow-up to my elaborate, dramatic nursery lighting post before we head to brewster tonight (and i am actually bringing my camera for this trip – the floor is installed!)

i ordered this yesterday. not surprisingly, it wasn’t even on my original watch-list! i stalk certain items at urban outfitters waiting for them to go on sale… and in the process, i came across this great deal and it just felt right for the nursery. impulsive, but .. 30 bucks..

i should be a UO ambassador or at least figure out affiliate links… their sales are so good, i can’t stay away.

Plum Bow Scallop Pendant


many updates coming soon: the brewster floor, the painted nursery, a craigslist changing table makeover, and my very first wallpapering project!

also, there is a huge baby girl in my belly and we go to dairy queen a lot.

that’s all. happy weekend!



mason jar pendant in the hoousss

here’s a good one. minor, yet very satisfying for us because it had been on the to-do list for over a year.
meet mr. blue mason jar pendant light:
it’s from an etsy shop (or as i like to call it, outsourced diy). i’ve had it since last winter, but we couldn’t figure out how to hook it up ourselves. there used to be a really dated linear light thing up here, so the wires weren’t centered and there was no box to connect it to.
we finally threw in the towel and hired an electrician who connected it in about 7 minutes.

this is a rare, awesome, occasion where the reality is even better than my idea of it in my head. i’m obsessed with this light; the color, vibe, everything is perfect for the kitchen. 

so i dug up those old progress pictures and thought it would be fun to run through them again with the addition of the pendant. i wish i knew how to get the lighting better, it would make this much more dramatic- but nonetheless, here is the full transformation: 

those pulls too – the pulls on the drawers are new.
dare i say the kitchen is done? done for now.
we are in the car on the way to brewster & martha’s vineyard as we speak. happy memorial day! a post full of family fun coming at you next week!

a visual update

ok, i’m just going to show you pictures. i started to try to write words, but its not happening. work has been so busy and my brain is too mushy to string together large groups of words.

star light is in.

i sort of want to marry it.

built-ins are built.

they need a few finishing touches and a lot of paint, but getting there.

one of aforementioned finishing touches is figuring out how to make these lights work..

ceiling also needs a lot of paint. but is basically done and is awesome.

last monday we spent the holiday painting. the walls are benjamin moore revere pewter. its a warm grey. i worried it was too dark, but i think it will be ok once the ceiling and trim all have fresh coats of white.

here’s a little diy project mike is not looking forward to. we are tiling around the door to save the future carpet from entry traffic and, god forbid, leakage from this door.

we’ve enlisted dane to help with the painting. we are desperate. he has mastered pretend rolling the floor, so that’s helpful (teaser on a little wall art project here. don’t worry, we will not be hanging spoons anywhere).

peace out red.

what a difference some paint can make!

we need to paint the railing. what do you think, white? black? dark stain?

you can find more literary masterpieces right here as the drama unfolds later this week.

keeping it together

there is a lot going on in my world. we have the basement project… 2, 5, 10 guys coming and going during the week and on saturdays drilling and banging and all those decisions and the communication involved in the process…
we’ve had a few health related set-backs over the past couple weeks. first, there was something going around dane’s daycare that gave him a bad cold and mild fever for a few days, then i got a miserable stomach bug toward the end of last week. dane tripped and hit his face on a table at daycare wednesday… he’s ok, but has a fat, sore lip… 
we have our family vacation coming up the week after next, which just takes a lot of careful planning since we’ll be traveling out of the country with a toddler. meanwhile, i’m trying to be extra productive at work and of course cramming in extra workouts whenever i can in light of the aforementioned vacation that will be taking place in tropical (read: bathing suit) weather. i’ve really been hustling the past couple weeks and i feel pretty good about my hard work.. aside from some of the time at the office i’ve had to miss to be with dane, but i can’t beat myself up over it.

we made it to the boston childrens museum sunday with our besties the colantos, and this weekend we are heading to killington vt to party with more of our very best friends (where dane will be the only little.. wish us luck!)

photo cred to lizzy


now where am i going with this? i don’t know, but i need to start getting into the basement progress.. there has been a lot!

the only fun purchase i have made so far is this moravian star pendant for the bottom of the stairs leading into the main room. this “aged tin” star only ran me $96.

i’ve admired them for so long in hallways or foyers like below, but never had a place to put one until now.

there were canned lights down in the basement already since it was originally somewhat finished. a bunch of them. all wired into the dropped ceiling which was the first thing mike tore down in preparation for the re-do.

an electrician came by and told us that the lights were not made to be built into a ceiling and could even be a fire hazard (yikes) so they couldn’t be salvaged. we had to buy and rewire all new lights. so that’s done. and that’s sort of all there is as far as lighting goes.
the other phase 1 decisions we have made are as follows:

1. lighting
2. ceiling
3. fireplace
4. built-ins
5. paint
6. carpet

so i’ll get to each of these over the next week or two with a little vacation recap in the mix 🙂

severe eye sore to sweet silver circles

i’m not sure if you ever noticed this hideous track lighting in the kitchen…

awful. AW. FUL. one of the first things i mentally replaced when we moved in. it took me forever to actually do something about it because i was so indecisive about what pendants to replace it with. i finally ordered these silver circles pendants for just $99 each from shades of light (plus 10% off using the yhl discount code). they were back-ordered, so it was months before they were finally on our doorstep. happily, they came just in time to install before the birthday party.
oh and dane was adorable with the packaging. he was obsessed with the plastic stuff.

so our electrician came by and hung the two new pendants in place of the terrible track. it required two new holes in order to get them centered over the peninsula.

they are actually much bigger than i envisioned, but we absolutely love them.. maybe my favorite upgrade in this house to date.

check out the cool shadows they throw at night..

so much better. i’m glad we took our time with this… the right lighting can make a world of difference.

recessed lights

one final cape house update and we will be all caught up.

new lights:

sort of looks like an alien invasion, don’t you think?

the lighting in the tv room was awful. we had one floor lamp and one table lamp and never enough light after the sun set. this apparently bothered mike greatly, and he made the executive decision to hire an electrician to come and install 4 recessed lights.
unrelated bulldog picture:

unrelated baby picture:

i’m really glad he did it. i’m not sure i would have had the guts to pull the trigger on the $500 expenditure (thats just the going rate), but it seriously updates the feel of the whole floor and will make a huge difference during those summer night scrabble battles. they put the lights on a dimmer and also switched around a few of the control panels so they make more sense (we were always hitting the switch that controlled the cable box & it was really annoying).

here is the finished product… its like they’ve been there all along!

and now more pictures of my baby being adorable with a toothbrush:

merry valentines day tree

we survived another five day week. i am borderline euphoric leaving work on fridays en route to get dane at day care.

saturdays rule.

i started taking christmas decorations down the day after christmas. the undecking process has been going on all week and is still not quite complete. its rather depressing. dane loved the tree. then it occured to me that i am a grown-up and i own this house and i can do what i want. and that is how the ALL-HOLIDAY-TREE was born.

oh valentinesday tree, oh valentinesday tree..

this is our valentines day tree which will transition into a st patricks day tree come march. the easter slash one year old birthday tree will stick around until its time for the 4th of july tree to spread 4th of july cheer… you get the idea. this tree isnt going anywhere.

i did a little weeknight crafty work to make the glitter heart frame from a cheap crappy clearance frame from michaels.


dane digs the v-day tree and sparkley heart. we’ve been hanging out in the music room quite a bit lately.

it turns out dane is the best musician in the family.
earlier tonight we hung up the second canvas we ordered from canvas4life. (love this photo… dane was only a few days old getting his first kisses from his big brother).

eventually we’ll have one more canvas to finish the wall. i want to wait until dane is a little bigger and get a good family photo.
unrelated: tonight we are eating turkey tips that cost $21. twenty one dollars! i would have never bought these if i paid attention to the price! shopping with an infant = overpriced meat for dinner. 
this weekend i hope to finally make it to ikea so we can work on our plan for this area that it is now tree-free.

shine on you crazy pendant

our dining room has a new light! its from pottery barn… teen…

i love it. and it was freeeeeeeee.
allow me to explain. when we bought the dining table at pottery barn (during tax-free weekend) we opened a pb credit card (with the intention of paying it off right away then feeding it to shakespeare) and earned 10% in “rewards” which translated to $175. these lights are still at great deal at $99, but we like to think of it as free since we had more than enough reward dollars.

i didn’t even know pottery barn had a “teen” brand until i was doing a search for lighting. this woody, orb-like pendant caught my eye and i honestly liked the idea of it for the dining room better than the fancy shmancy chandeliers 3xs this price.

we also mcgyvered the old chandelier base & chain to use to hang the pendant from, so it wasn’t just wire (which would feel a little cheap for a “formal” dining room).

you have to buy the actual light bulb & wire part separate.. annoying. i had one from a west elm chandelier i haven’t gotten around to installing yet, so we used that.

our electrician friend came over & walked mike thru how to wire it. which is a good thing bc we were extremely intimidated by this process and what took 15 mins. probably would have taken us hours.

nice guy. let us know if you’re looking for an electrician in the south shore neck of the woods.

we’re getting there slowly but surely.