3 new things

around the holidays especially, i can have quite the impressive tower of packages waiting on my doorstep when i get home from work any given day. not necessarily because i am a raging shopaholic, but because i DON’T go to stores. including the grocery store… twice a month tops. i order everything online from clothes to dog food to a handful of necessities (deodorant, tp, vitamins) and groceries from amazon’s subscribe and save.  late last week, i think i set a personal  best.

i almost died when i saw all this outside my garage.
there are a few other fun things in this pile that i’ll share down the road, but these 3 things made me really happy over the weekend.

this totally rad side table from urban outfitters $179
not cheap, but marked down from $298… maybe i’m easily manipulated by marketing schemes, but i feel like i made out on this purchase. i mean.. are you loosing your whole entire mind over how amazing this little table its?????????!!

these stools from target  $119 for 2
i got these on sale. they will go on sale again… that’s the thing with target. just stalk them for a while. we were without stools for quite some time… since i sold our old ones on craigslist after the big dining room table move. i’ve had my eye on these and finally pulled the trigger when they were 20% off a couple weeks ago. these stools are perfect in every way and i love them. all of them. equally.

this fabric $14/yard
i’ve had this for a while actually… originally was going to make a little curtain for the window above the bed in the basement until i realized its a really stiff indoor/outdoor type fabric. probably not curtain-able. (i know nothing about fabric or sewing.. obvious?). so i randomly folded it and put it on the table and i love it! really just the introduction of the greens in the room is so refreshing to me. i was trapped in grey and blue land for so long with no idea how to escape. this is working for me.

i need to give a little gift to our ups man.. i mean seriously. he is the nicest guy…  and has been working overtime for me and my online shopping habit since i was pregnant with dane. around christmas time, he gave dane this little ups truck. i’m such a jerk, he’s giving us gifts?! what do you tip/gift to your delivery man? cash? a gc?

and ps – snow.

i’ve been painting stuff

when our basement is really finished, we will have a beautifully finished, *empty basement. i mean all the money we have invested in the walls, ceiling, carpet… i don’t know how we’ll afford to furnish it. so i’m trying to be creative and thrifty. we picked up a craigslist couch over the weekend and i’ve started to diy some art and accent furniture… like the k-mart stool below.  i thought with a little paint and prayer, it could make a cool little side table.
*aside from toys
i needed sponges one day last weekend and i left k-mart with sponges and this stool. i think i got it on sale for 14.99. i just remember it being so cheap, i didn’t think i could go wrong. (last i checked online it was on sale for 17.99…. just sort by price low-to-high and once you get past the stool softener, you’ll see it..) either way.. here’s how it went…

i’m totally hung up on the paint-dipped trend. i want to one-third paint everything.

first, i quickly sanded down the legs and slapped on a coat of “antiquing glaze” that i already had mixed up from other stuff we have going on down in the basement (more on that later. much more.)

i just wanted to get rid of the shiny-kmart-oak finish. this roughed it up and made it look a smidge more rustic.

next, i taped up the middle of the legs which will remain otherwise unpainted.

..broke out the kilz primer and primed the bottom and top.

i sprayed the bottom of the legs gold which made me want to spray everything else in my house gold. lucky for shakespeare, i refrained.

then i gave the top a quick spray.

i know arrows are trendy but i’m totally unoriginal so i’m into them. and they are somewhat easy to conjure using quarter-inch painters tape.

on deck was a sample of valspar paint. i’m going to have to get back to you with the name of this color. #bloggerfail

as for the result….. first lets focus on the positives.
the gold “feet” came out awesome.

i love the colors and general look of the 3-toned (stool) table.

but my arrows were a bit of a bust. i had such high hopes, but the green peeled as i was removing the tape and they just look like complete crap. the green wouldn’t stick to the slick gold spray paint.. i’m not sure how to avoid this next time. if you have any thoughts, please share.

but all’s not lost. its still a pretty fun little $20 table and it really didn’t take much time or effort to create.