all things ‘one’ – an edible one

i’ve clocked significantly less sleep this week than is advisable…
but we’re now one busy quarter-end work day away from the big birthday weekend.


and my amazing baker friend here at my office brought me his cake! i just want to sit it in front of me and look at it all day… not eat it.. just look at it. its so adorable.

here is a sneak peak (that is fondant!!)!

all things ‘one’ – printstagram

dane’s first birthday party is saturday. this is big. this is huge. not only do i live for this stuff (party planning & hosting) but my BABY IS ONE.

his actual birthday is april 3rd. a wednesday. so we will be celebrating the weekend before- which happens to be easter weekend. it works out perfectly, really, because the (stock) market is closed friday which gives us a free day to set-up and we will have the family together for an easter brunch the morning after.

we are expecting a few babies, a few ‘big kids’, some close friends, a few neighbors and lots of family (including the cousins from new jersey – yay!). so basically, it should be a total sh*t show.

i can’t say there is a game plan for food at this point (food is not really my thing) but i – of course -have a number of crafts underway.

i told you i would find an awesome use for these.

behold the instagram ‘one’.

i just stuck them on my giant roll of craft paper with zots (if you don’t have zots, you should buy them now. go. they are so handy). i rolled a piece of scrap wood into the bottom to weigh it down (secured with more zots) and rolled a little wooden dowel into the top to hang it. i think i’ll hot-glue a ribbon around it to frame it before the party.

you better believe there will be more birthday party reports over the next couple days. (just wait ’till you see the cake!!)

also, i am eating dairy queen right now. so that means its spring.

footy bowls and a sleepy baby

i have some pretty serious journalism for you right here:

i recently ordered really fun bowls with feet and tonight we ate mac & cheese out of them.

these are by dylan kendall. i wish i could get footy everything. so unique & quirky.


also, dane was apparently so zonked from day care and his new walking skills that he passed out in my arms like a wet noodle before we got a chance to give him his bath.

i laid him on a pillow on the couch and he snoozed there until i carried him up to bed. no tub tonite i guess.

all the fatz boys watching villanova hoops:


the countdown

one year ago today i was begging this little man to hurry up and arrive. dragging myself to work everyday and coming home to bounce on my yoga ball and march up and down the stairs willing him to find his way out. one lightening-fast year later, i have this little bundle of joy that i can’t imagine life without.
one year later, i’m still not sure how i could be so lucky.
i’m still not sure how i handle this..
and one year later, i can barely keep him in my arms..
my baby has become a wild little boy. the countdown to o. n. e. is well underway. 
i was never good at keeping up with dane’s baby book – life has been happening so fast. the sitting, waving, solid foods, crawling, pointing, WALKING…. one big whirlwind of smiles and tears. 

what matters is that we made it. 
it wasn’t always perfect, but we made it.
my little baby is 11 months old. just days away from flipping that block over to the ‘years’ side. i simply can’t believe it.

tubbie time

they’re heeeeere!

we are having so. much. fun. with auntie liz and cousin riley who are visiting from marthas vineyard. riley is 4 months older than dane so he is marching around and dominating all of dane’s toys. he has the funniest little vocabulary. he says “whoa” all the time and can even say “dane”. so cute. my sister and i look nothing alike, but we see major similarities in dane and riley. its so cool that they will grow up together and be little partners in crime.
just before they arrived saturday morning, dane and i ran out to homegoods and then finally put the finishing touches on his bathroom. so happy to check another room off the to-do list.
before the rest of the after shots, lets remember just how bad it was looking before the paint job:

so after the new color and a little cleaning and accessorizing, we have a much happier bathroom for dane’s nightly tub time.
we bought everything at kohls and homegoods.

still a few missing pieces in here like some sort of window treatment and, oh yeah, maybe a little something for this frame…

but its safe to say the bathroom was baby-approved!

we will really miss playing with baby riley, but so glad we live on the south shore now and its an easy drive from woods hole.
we will see these two again in just a couple short weeks for danes b i r t h d a y  p a r t y ! ! ! ! 

a couple things worth mentioning

i got so tired of looking at my blog header. i really don’t care about anyone else’s experience with this blog.. i do it for fun, for me, mike, and dane (yes, dane).. you know how people joke about “only their mother reading their blog”.. well, my mom doesn’t read my blog.
but literally i was sick of looking at it.
i think photoshop (where i have been working on this darned header) is really cool and i’m glad i have it and i imagine i’ll slowly get the hang of it – but for now its just plain old time consuming. time time time. i have to carefully choose how i spend my free time these days. and by free time, i mean the hour after dane goes to bed and a few on weekends. somewhere in between 9 & 10 months dane has gone from a handful to an all-consuming spitfire of a little guy who you can’t take your eyes off of…. in the most FANTASTIC way. he is FUNNY. he dances, points, and waves to everything and nothing. he speed-crawls and cruises with his xylaphone push-cart. he is SO close to walking and thinks that when mom & dad do froggie jumps is the funniest thing in the world. so we do. every night. he is so awesome and he couldn’t be any cuter. he is PERFECT. i guess this is a normal consequence of momhood, but i am so lovesick. i want to squeeze him up against me and kiss his chubby cheeks 30 times / minute. i want to put him in the ergo and carry him around with me all day every day. before i go to sleep i lay in my bed and watch videos of him on my iphone (the same ones, night after night). so to say leaving him for work every day is hard is an understatement and getting anything done in those few precious hours after i pick him up from day care is near impossible. the other day i was watching him play and thinking, no matter what happens to our family – leaky roofs, crappy tax returns, jobs, money – everything is wonderful because we have this beautiful, healthy little boy in our lives. it gave me such a peaceful feeling.

what i was trying to say before things got weird, is that i fixed my header.  to the extent that it is tolerable anyway. and my next project will be to add some tabs and button thingies. it took me a while to figure it all out, but i wanted to figure it out on my own. over the weekend i got the chance to take some pictures with decent lighting (on weekdays i leave the house and return to the house in darkness this time of year – awful) so i’m going to work toward having a little “house tour” tab like normal people.

its like how you only clean your house when you have visitors.. if i didn’t blog about some of this stuff, i wonder if i would ever motivate myself to get to them?

to end on a very unrelated note – we are getting tons of snow tomorrow. and we have a dane-sized sled… you do the math.

window shopping

i am having a love-hate relationship with  zulily. i don’t know how it took me so long to discover it, but its brilliant marketing and i’ve already made a handful of frivolous purchases. in effort to avoid impulse shopping i decided to start a little collection of “wishlist” items. these are the treasures i’ve been eyeing this week (confession: i already bought one of them…).

1. Kushies – Mocha Stripe Safari Organic Pants
2. Alphabet Rings – MimicDesign Etsy Shop
3. Patagonia – Rain Jacket
4. The Land of Nod – Elephant Nightlight
5. Smitten Baby – Silver Cloud Lunch Totez
6. The Land of Nod – Little Slipper Chair
7. Anthropologie – Colossal Golden Wishbone
8. – Massachusetts Home T
9. Uncommon Goods – Iphone Alarm Dock