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dane’s first birthday party is saturday. this is big. this is huge. not only do i live for this stuff (party planning & hosting) but my BABY IS ONE.

his actual birthday is april 3rd. a wednesday. so we will be celebrating the weekend before- which happens to be easter weekend. it works out perfectly, really, because the (stock) market is closed friday which gives us a free day to set-up and we will have the family together for an easter brunch the morning after.

we are expecting a few babies, a few ‘big kids’, some close friends, a few neighbors and lots of family (including the cousins from new jersey – yay!). so basically, it should be a total sh*t show.

i can’t say there is a game plan for food at this point (food is not really my thing) but i – of course -have a number of crafts underway.

i told you i would find an awesome use for these.

behold the instagram ‘one’.

i just stuck them on my giant roll of craft paper with zots (if you don’t have zots, you should buy them now. go. they are so handy). i rolled a piece of scrap wood into the bottom to weigh it down (secured with more zots) and rolled a little wooden dowel into the top to hang it. i think i’ll hot-glue a ribbon around it to frame it before the party.

you better believe there will be more birthday party reports over the next couple days. (just wait ’till you see the cake!!)

also, i am eating dairy queen right now. so that means its spring.

birthday in brewster

there was very little home improvement happening this past weekend – but we had a WILD few days of celebrating mikeys 32nd year on earth packed with fatz family fun.

buckle-up. things are about to get crazy…

there was cake baking…

quail mallard hunting
… playing in the yard …
… a few rounds of golf

family dinners
of course the obligatory beer taste testing…

this is normal, right?
we had some photo shoots…

… did some cuddling
then finally caught up on some sleep
i know what you’re thinking.. you could never keep up with us. you’re probably right. 
 this reckless mayhem is bound to continue all summer long. its gonna be a good one 🙂