board & plaster

after the demo, framing, rough electrical, plumbing and insulation comes what i call the “putting back together phase”. its when things get a little less ugly and the place that is supposed to shelter your young children in less than a month starts to feel somewhat inhabitable. this was a long time coming. the house sat in the dead of winter with no insulation for weeks. like you could practically see the sun shining through the ceiling and it was 0 degrees out. we burned through a lot of oil keeping the house warm enough so that the pipes didn’t burst. needless to say we were really happy for the insulation to go in and to get this drywall up. it was a lot of board… most of the walls and the big, new vaulted ceiling.

after the board comes the plaster. they shmear (technical term) plaster essentially over the whole inside of the house. the plaster guys worked hard – straight through the weekend if i remember correctly. its a super messy process.

it was a huge relief to see the house plastered.


flooring chat is up next.