i thought it might be fun to share some of the many screenshot images i have collected since we started house hunting for a fixer upper. i don’t so much pin images in pinterest as i do take screen shots so that i have them in my photo library. same goes for instagram. my follows are about 30% friends and family and 70% bloggers and interior designers… ok, bake in about 3% embarrassing follows including pop culture celebrities and former bachelor and bachelorette cast members… fine, 5%.

if you want to find a few new accounts that post nothing but stunning images, i recommend the following:

housebeautiful, homepolish, houseofjadeinteriors, studiomcgee, mydomaine, caitlinwilsondesign, dominomag, beckiowens, amberinteriors, smpliving, em_henderson, homegirlcollection

its funny to see how consistent and predictable my taste is. essentially: black & white, wood & brass, blue cabinets, green furniture, shiplap, hexagon tile, plaid, and kilim rugs.

you might expected to see all of the above in the fatzfixerupper #spoileralert