fatz fixer upper

i’m usually too tired to generate words after the kids are down and tonight is no exception… but i have to start somewhere…



you may be thinking a number of things but you should be polite and keep your thoughts to yourself.

when we started house hunting it was exactly like the hgtv shows: “for a house in this neighborhood with everything you are looking for, you can either spend 12 million dollars or buy a fixer upper”.  deep down i really wanted to go the fixer upper route, but the fact of the matter is that it was really the only way to go in this town (unless you can throw down a million dollar mortgage) (no). this beauty was one of the first houses we checked out. we thought it was way over-priced. it was on a busy road, amazingly dated, and wait until you see the back yard. YET, it was a convenient location and i immediately saw the potential.

first and foremost we were looking for a house with walls that could come down (check). a vault-able ceiling would be nice (check). and there had to be storage options and a space for the kids (check, check). i basically ruled out colonials (boring). at one point my realtor was like “i knew steph wouldn’t like this house, its not weird enough”.

one of the biggest reasons we had the courage to buy this house was because of this blogger. if you are familiar with dana of house*tweaking, as many of you may be, you will see how i am copying just about her every move. not really, but sort of. she is good… quality over quantity, simplicity, efficiency, family togetherness, financial freedom… sign me up.




very long story short. we bought it, enlisted a contractor, packed up our 3,000ish square foot house and started renovating our very own, real life, fixer upper.

here are the official befores. i promise this house will be unrecognizable when we are done with it…



all the walls that separate the kitchen, living, and dining room will come down and the ceiling will be vaulted.



this little “sunroom” was finished by the previous owner and will be our cozy tv room.





the master bedroom. not much of a closet. we will improvise.


dane’s room!


bay’s room


the play/everything room (lower level).



oh yeah baby. belly-up at the fatz’s. bring your wide-collar shirts, pet rocks, and sex pistols cassettes…



you can’t make this stuff up


more recently! :


much more to comeIMG_7397