changing table

hey! so my last post was depressing, huh!?! well, all is well and dandy here, i promise. check it out – i even have a furniture makeover post! this is so 2011-2014 of me… back when i was SO about the DIY everything. i was all, “you can make WHAT out of coffee filters?!?”… and, “look what i did with just trash, toothpicks and glitter… its just like YOUNGHOUSELOVE!”  these days, there is little time or energy for DImyselfing. and honestly, i’m less enthused about filling my house with homemade creations.

that being said, bedrooms are definitely the last place i’m inclined to splurge on furniture. we’ve never owned a single store-bought “bedroom set”. bedrooms are personal. your guests generally don’t see them. they need to be comfy and functional, and for the kids- fun and happy and safe. so when i started piecing together the baby girl nursery, i turned to craigslist for the only piece of furniture i was planning on purchasing. i found this changing table & we agreed on $75.

what a wordy intro… the rest is mostly pics. (as you can tell by this post title, my creative juices are really flowing lately).

(fyi – turns out taunton is far)


i spray painted some ring pulls to replace the knobs, painted the top white and removed the bottom right door for easy-access diaper storage.


here is some of the process… this was so long ago now. dane looks like a baby!IMG_4731








i’ll share the rest of the nursery soon… its about time. and don’t be surprised when i post my christmas photos in march… #itiswhatitis.