almost four

dane is in a funny little in-between. he still wears footy pajamas and still loves to cuddle… he actually requests hugs frequently (much to my delight). he still falls asleep in his car seat, cries for no reason when he’s tired and carries his stuffed animals into our bed in the morning. he generally still hides in the same exact spot every single time he wants to “surprise daddy” coming home from work (which is every day).IMG_6268but just about everything else is big time big kid. you can really hang out with him and talk about life… crack jokes and use sarcasm that he totally picks up on. most of his baby chubs are all stretched out – its like someone literally pulled him from each end and he became a string bean over-night.IMG_7193

he is entering the super hero phase with a vengeance despite never watching any of the actual shows or being allowed any formal exposure to the characters. all of his knowledge comes from what he hears from his friends at school, which makes it pretty entertaining to observe what he makes of the various superheros… any information we reluctantly give him, he eagerly soaks up with wide eyes, the wheels turning in his head…smanhe seems to be able to play with just about anyone, from the boy next door who is a year & a half younger, to his female, 7-year-old second cousin he only met once, to our friends’ kids he gets together with just a couple times each year… and he’s not terribly picky with toys. he’ll use his imagination to make anything a sword, a cape, a “shooter gun” (sigh) or any other form of contraband i refuse to buy for him.IMG_7292over the summer i invested in a little activity table from pottery barn. we call it his “craft table” (in the “craft room”). he loves crafts and i love that he loves crafts. whenever he asks, i try to take the time to do a little project with him.. a painting, a pipe-cleaner animal, a “garage” made out of a delivery box.

he loves the beach, his boogie board, collecting hermit crabs. he also loves to shovel snow. a true new englander.IMG_7083i can honestly say, he’s as good a big brother as any 3 year old could possibly be. he is sweet and gentle to his little sister with almost zero signs of jealousy.IMG_7053since i’ve been back to work, mike has taken over the morning and evening routine with dane while i do bay. divide and conquer. GOD BLESS the single moms. sleep is so big for dane. he is two different people when he is tired vs. well-rested. there are at least a few days each week he refuses to nap, and WATCH out… he is a hot mess those nights.IMG_6493he can be so frustrating in the morning getting out the door or anytime we really need him to follow directions .. but he is very sensitive to my feelings… if i yell at him about something, he almost always cries (then i feel bad) and if i tell him he is making mommy really sad, he’ll back down, say sorry and come give me a hug (usually). this is a huge relief to me. i’m so happy for these signs of compassion. before he leaves the dinner table, we have trained him to say, “may i please be excused? namaste”. its funny. i still cut his hair myself. its long and shaggy and uneven and awesome.IMG_6367he’s still so innocent. he’s completely sold on “carrots making your eyes sharp” and healthy foods healing boo boos.  i’ll be so sad when its gone, the innocence. i can’t bear to think of him out in the real world when i’m not nearby to hug him and tell him how wonderful he is. where there are mean kids at school or bullies on the bus.IMG_6751he is so fun-loving. he just wants to play (ok,… he also wants to “watch shows”.. a constant battle). he loves it when you chase him or just watch and see “how fast he is” / “how high he can jump”. he loves basketball and catch with the football… still warming up to soccer. he takes a gymnastics class which is basically bouncing around and jumping recklessly off mats, but he seems to love it. he is so beautiful and perfect and sweet and smart. a part of me feels so sad about him getting bigger, but its been pretty cool to watch. he says things like “and speaking of that”.. “i’ve been meaning to tell you”… he can count to 60 (on a good day) and spell multiple words. he knows the days of the week and towns his family members live in. he remembers everything.IMG_6318motherhood is an absolute whirlwind. i look in the mirror and i see the wrinkles and bags under my eyes… FOUR YEARS of being a real life mom. its showing. (i also can’t help but note that i am a full 10 years older than most of The Bachelor contestants. a DECADE).

what did i do with all my time before i had this kid? nothing nearly as worthwhile as how i’ve spent the past almost four years.IMG_7197xo daney. i’m so proud and lucky to be your mom.