tipsy t-day photography

surprise! i DO have photos from thanksgiving (i wasn’t kidding when i said we drank a lot). some pretty cute ones actually…IMG_6549


while nursing bay last night, i sorted through what has made it into iphoto this month and found some gems. i wish i could be more organized with my photo system (and my LIFE). these are some of my favorites…

related much? :IMG_6573

the loves of my life:IMG_6579

kitchen hoops:IMG_6494

me & my girl:IMG_6583

fatz family Tday dinner:IMG_6532

listening to “let it go” on my phone (on repeat) and kissing nonnie:IMG_6587

late-night guinness milkshake creation:IMG_6593

ready for bed:

my beautiful little mop-top boy:
IMG_6489mr. pups:IMG_6507

the end.