our little bean sprout

4th annual picnic table picture! we have been taking these every year during our summer vacation. daney growing before our very eyes. i gotta say – 2 year old dane – it does not get any cuter (the third of the series). look at that blonde bowl cut and pudgy body. two was my absolute favorite.

this year, no diaper, no pacifier, and just the very last remnants of the baby pudge. our three year old is so smart and sweet and well… for the most part, he’s a bonafide nightmare. three is so hard! if you have a not-yet-three year old, do not be fooled by the “terrible twos”. three is the true test. good luck to you. oh how i love my little 3 year old nightmare….




will he even be able to stand on mike next year? we might need to tweak the theme to accommodate for our ginormous “big kid”.IMG_5535