6 years

this little family started 6 years ago on 10/10/09… and now its huge! there are like 100 of us! (well, 5)… this right here is ALL I EVER WANTED. i can’t believe its mine.IMG_6182 2a nice lady on the beach offered to take a picture of all of us. i couldn’t say no. we even managed to get the hound involved which is a small miracle. thank you, nice lady… this is the first photo of the 5 of us.

we love the brewster beaches in the off-season when shakey can come along. we tell dane to stay away from the water, but he never does. he is generally wet up to his knees by the time we head out. he and mike love rough-housing and i follow them around with bay and take a million pictures.

this was saturday evening. it was freakishly not windy. we bundled up, but it was so mild.IMG_6162
IMG_6165 “mommy watch this!” (belly flop face plant into sand)IMG_6174all my boys…
IMG_6151 mike even grabbed the camera. i sort of love these pictures of me and little baby girl.

look at this sweet little thing…

the days are getting shorter. alarmingly so. we made some amazing memories in the cape this summer, but we are beginning to struggle with what the best go-forward plan is for our family and this second property. a lot has changed since the days before kids when we had time and money to spare. both are tighter than ever lately and our capacity for the added stress and up-keep is not what it was. we just want to be happy and enjoy our young family not be cursing at leaking dehumidifiers every other weekend… we’ll see, a lot is up in the air.IMG_6193

next weekend we are having some friends down and finally checking out the wellfleet oysterfest. that should be fun.IMG_0851

who am i kidding. we are never selling this house.