i have this theory…

the theory is that if i could wake up at 5am every morning, it would drastically change my life. i have never (ever) been a morning person, but in this phase of life [30’s, motherhood] the morning is when motivation and creative energy are most available. day to day life requires i am up by 6 (6:15 if i acquiesce to wet hair and no make-up for the day.. which is the case maybe once/week). but i simply can’t convince myself to get up out of bed any earlier than is required.

after work is survival mode: feed family, bath child, play and read stories with a smile on my face, tactfully coax child into his bed. sometimes its a struggle to get through my routine of brushing and washing before the glorious collapse into bed. its not that i don’t enjoy these evening hours with dane, don’t get me wrong… after-all this is practically the only time we have together during the week (sad face). but after he is in bed, there is just nothing left in the tank.

between the hours of 5 and 6am though…… the possibilities are endless. i could clean, exercise, organize photos, blog, learn to use my computer, my camera, make a morning green juice and smoothies for the family, take shakespeare for a walk..  oh my god i could paint my nails. not all in the same hour, of course, but over the course of a week, all of this could be done.

but alas, the theory remains untested.

i have big plans for my third trimester. i am going to stay in shape, eat clean, get super organized at work and at home and maybe, just maybe i can figure out how to get my head off my pillow at 5am sharp. maybe.