fresh air with the fam

i’m settling into a blogging pattern of house, kid, house, kid.. maybe I’ll try to stick with it?
no beach pictures this time, but an equally fun part about our house in brewster is that its right next to town hall and a big field with two baseball diamonds. dane is always asking to go play baseball. saturday was freezing, but sunday was really nice… we didn’t even need winter jackets. shakey gets free range to run around and hunt for baseballs in the brush while dane and mike play sports and run the bases.
dane looks at his feet when he runs. its really cute, but also dangerous, ha. at one point he was doing a “snow angel” in this infield gravel. gross. in the background you can see a skating rink that they build for the winter. so fun, i can’t wait for dane to try out skating. 

shakey was obsessed with getting on the ice. he circled it for like 15 mins contemplating a way to get in. sorry, shakey rink is closed. and we really can’t afford 4 skates for you…

dane is such a little athlete… he’s just like we always imagined our little boy would be. when they play football, dane is tom brady and mike is “daddy gronk”.

sure enough, shakespeare finds a stray baseball. every. time. he has some sort of radar for lost balls. and he always insists on taking them home. inside. and they are always so filthy and gross. he’s a funny pup.