brewster : a new floor

i told you about the ruined floor in the walk-out basement of our cape house. prior to that, i was pretty content with this space. i recently added a little tv on that wicker chest and two comfy chairs (not pictured) to create a cozy spot for kids to hang on a rainy day. but once the carpet and baseboards were torn out, it was obviously time to clean and brighten things up down here.

you have to take a lot of steps backward before moving forward as you can see below! my go-to white,  white dove is going on all the walls. 

the “relax” definition was scraped off (that was my one job). i was a little sad and nostalgic about it since it was one of the first little projects we did here. but it was time.

but the real renovation that is going to be happening down here is the installation of wood-like tile. significantly more expensive than re-carpeting but hopefully a wise long-term investment. we started at home depot… hated the options (that we could see anyway… there weren’t many) and couldn’t, for the life of us, get help from any of their flooring specialists. later, we went to lowes. again we were frustrated by the lack of help available to us but liked their “style selections” brand. after waiting 20 minutes for their guy to come help us, we decided to just buy a box of our 3 favorites and try them out in the room.

that weekend i had planned to visit two local cape cod shops to check out their options and prices. the first was in harwich. they had some lovely tile, however they cost (at least) THREE TIMES per square foot as much as the lowes brand. once i heard the price range i quickly turned around and shuffled dane out of the store.  we didn’t even bother going to the next one on my list. it was really eye-opening to realize how much more affordable these big box stores can be. i love the idea of supporting small business etc etc, and maybe there is a significant difference in “quality” but one thing for sure is that that tile was completely out of my reach… “for rich people” i said as we got in the car. god bless ’em.

any who. i literally had no strong feelings toward one of the three options we brought home from lowes. they were all about $3/square foot (not including installation). i kinda loved them all. so i thought i would take a stab at utilizing the democratic process… the pride of our great country….  an instagram vote.

it was fun to see what everyone thought. but not terribly helpful.. there was no convincing winner.
it sorta reinforced my initial sentiment which was that any of these three would look really great down here and would be a huge improvement. but that didn’t help with the decision.
i ruled out C at one point and was thinking it was down to these two.
after much mulling and obsessing and googling and pinteresting to try to find pictures to help my decision… i settled on… you guessed it… C. rustic, weathered… the least popular option and the least “safe”. but it just feels right. since when have my choices been safe?
internet pictures can be so deceiving. for example, in the picture above from the lowes website, the planks look way wider than the sample we have at home. regardless, it gives a sense of how all the tile looks together (as you can see, the wood pattern/color/etc varies a lot from plank to plank). 
but our pattern will definitely be herringbone:
the guy is coming to measure next saturday, then hopefully we’ll have an idea of when we can make this happen!