2014 holidays etc

just catching up over here. and so ready for post-holiday down time (and sleep!).

but first, c h r i s t m a s .
i was more excited this year than i have been in a long time.
“now!?” dane would say every time we talked about riley and avery coming over and our christmas “party” and santa coming while he slept.. (only if he was a good boy). there was so much anticipation this year, which i think is what the holidays lack when you don’t have little ones to experience the build-up and magic through.

also, santa threats. they really work. we are totally getting that elf next year.

i’ll skip over the early hours of christmas eve including when we let these two zone out in front of a christmas thomas show so they would stop fighting over this balloon (which dane would still not release for fear riley would get his hands on it… a fate worse than death…) (2015=sharing lessons) ).
at least he’s a hugger. riley clearly not feeling it.
later, my brother todd’s family arrived from california and the 3 cousins had their annual reunion. so special.
we bribed them with cookies to cooperate for some of these pictures. is that wrong?
who wants a cookie???

clam chowder and reubens is our xmas eve dinner tradition.

shakey’s christmas presents. every year.

and every year we sit these two down together with the night before christmas book. how precious are they? the little pottery barn kids jammies – worth every penny.

finally, it was here. christmas morning. they somberly walked down the stairs not knowing what to expect… riley was up really early & we had to make liz stall so they could come down together.

i think dane honestly would have been happy with just the little toys in his stalking.
i set up his new trains & tracks in the other room & we told them the elves were playing with them last night… they loved it.

and mike put two presents in the front yard & told them they “fell off santa’s sleigh”… they went nuts. this age is so fun.

christmas was really awesome. its pretty exhausting hosting, but i wouldn’t want it any other way.

then there is b r e w s t e r…
we had a guy renting it for about a month and a half. he left mid december and we went to check on the house.
not good:
there was a dehumidifier malfunction in the basement.. it was basically pumping all the water from the air onto the floor. soaking wet, ruined carpet. we tried to fix it and dry everything up, but it was too far gone. the pad was soaked and we didn’t want to risk any mold.

so we ripped up the carpet and are now faced with a major decision of what to do for flooring down here. more carpet? tile? paint and big area rugs? i wasn’t in the mood to think about this around the holidays. i mean, i usually am and to be honest, now that i’ve had some time to research, i’m sort of obsessed with a particular option that i will share later. of course its on the more expensive end of the spectrum, so i need to let it marinate.

the joys of multi home ownership.

in effort to not end the post with with damp basements and water buckets… here is the buffet with my new chairs and pillows. its coming along! i need to make the cushions and add a couple more pillows but its definitely progress.