pretty things :: etsy

It’s just that i’ve been doing a lot of xmas shopping on etsy. i totally wasn’t planning on creating any sort of “gift guide” of any nature… but i logged into etsy today and it gave me a little summary of everything i had tagged as a “favorite” over the past some-odd-months, and so i was like, hey this stuff is awesome, and if i were to make a “gift guide” for someone (well, someone like ME) this would be it.

so anyway, here are some fav etsy finds:

one. one of my favorite words

two. because i’m an emily henderson wannabe

three. for yoga or picnics or the beach or for dane’s future teepee…

four. we have this in brewster. i just think its funny.

five. see number two. also, we need them to get the white ones back in stock.

six. and lots of other rad pillows in her shop

seven. breathe

eight. pretty and $10

nine. i’m going to diy these soon. ish.

ten. one of my favorite hip toddler tees i’ve bought for dane. and btw, its gone missing. has anyone seen it?

eleven. hex love