october damage

last month’s spending confession was pretty therapeutic for me. i intended to spend the next couple of months paying off my credit card, but alas,.. pillows. this month i spent about $300 on somewhat unnecessary things for the house. well that includes a cheese grater and a dirt devil dust buster thing from amazon (that came damaged and we have to send back. grrrr).

but here are the more fun, most unnecessary things:

1. libby langdon syldan hand crafted scalloped cotton decorative pillows (x3) $44.98 each
(22×22 emerald, blue & poppy)
i decided i needed these for the banquet dining bench in brewster. i will slowly but surely make this into a cozy, awesome looking bench with cushions and lots of pillows and all of that…

which leads me to a ridiculously amazing banquet dining set-up i came across just this morning.. off track, but i can’t help but share:


i sent this link to mike & he said, “why doesn’t ours look like that”? thousands of dollars worth of expensive pillows and custom cushions, that’s why! follow the link tho, this house makes me drool.

but back to the expensive-to-me pillows…
the scallops, colors and sturdy linen material (that looks fairly stain resistant and renter tolerant) all sold me. so $150 for three pillows. not good, but like i said, i needed them.

2. mainstays watercolor botanical decorative pillow $9.97
more like what i should be paying for a pillow. this will also live on the banquet bench.

3. mainstays rolling garment rack $9.97
i already had one of these and decided, for $10, i needed another for the clothes swap party i hosted earlier in the month. its currently serving as a little closet stand-in for the extra bedroom in the basement.

4. metal sunburst mirror $34.99 (i got on sale for $24.99) love. you should stalk this until its on sale and buy it (target stuff is always on and off sale). its on my rug wall.
5. pumpkins. yes pumpkins. $65                                                                                                               i went shopping with dane for a few pumpkins and somehow spent $65. dane requested a giant pumpkin, a few smaller ones, a haystack, a cheap little stuffed pumpkin (that shakey destroyed in 30 seconds) and some other random food items at our local garden shop. he was being so cute that i just went with it and let him load up the cart. 
a couple moments of weakness in october, clearly, but it could have been worse. i don’t plan on a november or december update because i don’t intend to do any frivolous spending. time for holiday shopping and saving up for our winter vacation!