mike’s new company has their annual meeting and a fun employee outing at the castle hill inn every year – so last weekend, we spent a really special couple days in newport, ri.. dane and i drove down early saturday morning to join mike for the rest of the weekend.
it was the seafood festival at bowen’s warf that day which is quite the event… big tents with hundreds of people eating oysters and lobster rolls and day drinking. a really fun scene.

we first hit up the kids’ tent where dane painted a pumpkin masterpiece and scored a balloon.

and then, the best place on earth. the bouncy castle.

he would have spent all day in this thing. he was grinning ear to ear the whole time. and he can really hold his own with the big kids!

we did a little exploring after. SO much to do and see in newport. it was SO nice out. like 70.

obligatory pumpkin patch pictures:

when we finally headed back to the inn to check into our room for nap time, i had a major orphan annie moment. his company had us staying in the cutest little beach cottage directly on the most beautiful sandy beach. the most luxurious place i have stayed probably ever. i was instantly sad that we only had one night.

pic from their web site

i sat on our little deck eating a [really delicious] sandwich and looking at this view while dane napped like a champ in the packnplay that barely fits him anymore. it was the most relaxed i had felt in a while.

when he woke up, we went out to play on the beach where i took a million photos and seriously struggled to narrow down to the few you see below!

dane does this thing where, when i tell him to say cheese, he’ll do a big exaggerated CHEEEEESE while looking anywhere but at the camera. its makes things a little difficult.

look at these twins.

there’s the cheese again.

later that evening we went out for a little cliff walk. there were tons of surfers and really big waves! i’ve never seen surfing like this in new england, it was cool.

we had pizza and beer with his coworkers that evening then mike passed out shortly after dane (i think he had been having a little too much company sponsored fun) and i stayed up reading on the couch in front our fireplace. ahhh. can we do this again next weekend?

dane was just the funnest, happiest kid the whole time. i can’t remember what life was like before he was part of my crew. he is pure joy. the only thing that would have made the weekend any better is if shakey could have joined us. he would have loved this beach!