ode to pine cones

i’m not one to decorate for the seasons or any holiday other than christmas, but dane and i recently had a wonderful time collecting pine cones during a walk with shakey in pond meadow park. it was actually one of the most pleasant walks we’ve had in a while (dane is in a phase where he doesn’t want to stay put in the wagon, but doesn’t really want to walk either which results in me lugging his 37 pounds while pulling said wagon).

but he took the task of pine cone collecting very seriously and was so excited to hustle back home to assess the haul.

we baked them in the oven (20 mins at 200 is what i read) to rid them of bugs and sap and then decked the halls with oodles and oodles of pine cones!

the mantel looks pretty much like this year round:

but after some pine cones and a twig garland from our christmas arsenal, its looking slightly more seasonal:

i sprinkled the rest of them on the table and in candle holders…

in summary: pine cones are free, you can enlist your 2-year-old to gather them and then you can chuck ’em when you’re done. pine cones are ideal decorations!. HAPPY FALL!