i hung a rug on the wall

there’s this big wall in our tv room above the couch that has been problematic since we moved in. it’s big and it needed something big and interesting on it. our first two feeble attempts fell (very) short…
we couldn’t take the rhino any longer so we took everything down. it was blank for over a year. i sort of gave up. 
and then over the long weekend, i hung a rug on it. and i think i like it. 
big: check. interesting: check.
but lets rewind.
i found this cool “denim” rug at urban outfitters on ridiculous sale and i liked it a lot, but was fresh out of floors to put it on. (they currently only have the 3×5 in stock.. but i got a 5×7 for $63 ($79 + 20% off) and free shipping. insane). so i ordered it and told mike i wanted to hang it on the wall and god bless his soul, he helped me do it.
i initially pictured this situation with wooden dowels, but home depot didn’t have right size, so i ended up with some sort of aluminum/metal(?) pipes.. super cheap, like $4 each.. and spray painted the ends and the hooks “aged copper” by rust-oleum.
to create the pockets for the pipes, i used industrial strength velcro. on a total whim…, i had no idea if it would work (the rug is heavy!). turns out, this stuff is legit. the adhesive and velcro are super strong. it worked perfectly. $28 for 15 ft, but worth it.

.. a couple wall anchors, hooks and screws and it was up.

and that’s my story.

i’d like to give a shout out to my loving husband who goes along with my weird ideas and to the guy at home depot who walked us around the store showing me various pipe and dowel options and didn’t bat an eye when i told him it was for holding up a rug.

happy labor day!