dining room elimination

just a little update on the state of the homestead…

a year or so ago we worked really hard to pull together this lovely dining room.

and very recently, we decided to eliminate it. oh yes, you heard me right… we moved the big dining table into the eat-in kitchen area. i know..  #mindblown
here’s why: we never, ever stepped foot in the dining room. the last time we sat down and ate around the big table was christmas.  when we’ve had people over for any other sort of sit-down-and-eat occasion, we have pulled chairs up to our round, white table in the kitchen area and squished. the closed-off-ish dining room was never very inviting or conducive to any sort of casual entertaining. in short- it was a waste of space.
this area in the kitchen has plenty of room for the big table and is so light and bright and open to the rest of the first floor.
we now can showcase our pottery barn table (hands down, the biggest furniture investment we have ever made!) as well as my beloved bar cart.
here is the kitchen (below) before the switch. i love open space and all, but this is a whole lot of space and a bit sparse.  to make more room for the table, i got rid of those cross-back stools. i’ll eventually replace them with more subtle, back-less stools.
the white table [for three] remains for now because dane eating on the pottery barn table over a rug is far too anxiety provoking (1/3 of his food hits the table and/or floor each meal). i tried sitting him at the end of the big table with a placemat, but it didn’t go over well. the wipeable surface over hardwood is ideal.
so far this arrangement has been working really well for us. i also think, as our family grows and we spill over to multiple tables during holidays, it will be really fun to eat together in the big, open kitchen area as opposed to the claustrophobic [former] dining space.
as for the dining room… its basically looking the same – sans the table – at the this point. we think it will slowly be converted into an office and activity/homework area for dane.
and you guys.. i have like a half-dozen little projects in the works right now. i swear. they are anywhere from 20-90% complete and i’m excited to share them so check back in soon!