daney dialogue II

on vacation when we were both eating popsicles: “we’re kinda like twins”

“where i be?!” (hiding his face)
“where dem are?”
“dey must be here somewhere?”…

if i take too long to get him from his crib.. “mamma, i was callin you.” (accusatory tone).

“mommy, watch this trick”.. he then does some variation of a reckless spin move, jumping onto the floor into log rolls, ending on his back.

“i have two paws.”

“there’s no mail man at nonnie’s house” randomly as we were pulling up.

“a b c d e f g h i j k el lel lele  p…”

me: dane, do you want to sit on the potty like a big boy!?
dane: “no, i’m just a baby.”

“i NEED it”…anything i won’t let him have.


me: uh oh, i think we left your floaties at the club.
dane: “that’s not good.”

me: can shakey play with us?
dane: “no”.
me: why?
dane: “he doesn’t even have any hands.”

“he will be right back”.. anytime daddy is not home.

dane: “cough cough” (unconvincing coughing noise from his car seat)
me: daney, was that cough real or fake?
dane: “fake”.

“no! i want a blue paci to match my crocs”