martha’s vineyard agricultural fair

alternative title: dane with various animals

for folks who travel to martha’s vineyard the most during the off-season, this weekend was quite the scene. there was hooting and hollering getting off the ferry, people out and about long after sun down, and traffic, lots of traffic. it was the weekend of the agricultural fair, and, as my sister put it – its a big deal.

while it wasn’t exactly beach weather, it felt very much like a mini-vacation getting on that ferry and spending the weekend with our vineyard family.

dane particularly bonded with his uncle alec this trip…

i mean, the man has a fishing boat and gives out dog rides.. how are we supposed to compete with that?

the fair is really special because it not only has rides, games, fried dough and the like, it has all sorts of cool animals, plants, music, art, contests (wood chopping, skillet tossing)…

so alpacas… where can i buy one and do they get along with bulldogs?

a sheep..

goat of some sort…

six week old baby goats (“kids” as they say in the industry). they were being fed raisins and dane said “i want to have a snack with the baby goats!” um, you’re cute. all of you.

this horse was my personal favorite. i named him guinness.

and this large horse may or may not be in my nightmares tonight..


dane requested corn on the cob at the fair for dinner. it was huge. his family from indiana would be proud.

big slide!

this ride was their favorite… various vehicles that went around in a circle. funny to see which ones they chose. dane first went with an old-fashioned cadillac. then this fire truck (and had a mini-meltdown when the ride was over).

riley rode this motorcycle. both times.

it was a really fun (& exhausting) night. the boys crashed hard and the rest of us drank a lot of wine when we got home (ok, maybe that was just me).

if only there were an “unblur” button in picasa editor!

we are so spoiled being able to hang with these guys on this awesome island. thank you vineyard family (emily, liz, riley, and alec)! xoxoxoxoxoxo