half-painting things

hi. i painted stuff over the weekend! i also picked up a “big boy bed” for dane for $30 via craigslist that we are working on sanding down and painting. its been really nice spending some time at home for first time in a looong time. i’ve done some cleaning and organizing and some major rearranging.. more on that later.

so i’ve been on-board with the paint-dipped look from the get-go. now, specifically, i want to paint everything part-white. especially when its a neutral/natural something.

here are a few things i’ve painted part-white lately. i didn’t really take “before” photos so you’ll have to use your imagination.
…a couple cardboard letters (a gift for twin baby girls who i am dying to meet!) :
and a free tray from the brewster swap-shop:

the half-white letters are awesome. since they are for baby girls, i thought they needed a little feminine flair (hot-glued ribbon).

and the tray was so quick & easy & now its just a little more interesting.

the only thing easier than painting is half-painting. hooray for half the work.

when i get around to it, i want to do something like this to a couple free road-side chairs i’ve been hoarding:

this trend is right up there with uggs and jeggings… 

 the tray lives in my room now. if i could only clean my whole room. it may never happen.