some brewster business

this is from dane’s inaugural photography session with the dsl.. he had a little help, but not bad, really, don’t you think?

but about that business – the latest business in brewster involved the kitchen, some sand paper, and a quart of minwax polycrylic protective finish. this project ran me about 2 full nap times and change, but i feel really good knowing that all our hard cabinet painting work is sealed up.

yet again, for most of the weekend, the kitchen looked like we had been robbed. i sanded down some of the edges to give the cabinets that antiqued look. just enough for some of the wood to show through. i think they needed this treatment to look more authentic and not just like cabinets painted white, if that makes any sense (?)

i think we captured the kitchen robber on film.. he is about 2.5 feet tall with very bulbous cheeks and a lightening mcqueen tattoo on his right hand. call the police if you see a man fitting this description.

the antiquing and sealing effect was subtle, but i was pleased with the result. the polycrylic gives them a glossy sheen. you should be able to see the difference below -
b e f o r e :
a f t e r :

b e f o r e :

a f t e r :


pay no mind to the pint of ben & jerry’s on the counter, the robbers must have left it…

and finally, a reminder of the pre-fatzified kitchen:

while i was at it, it covered the desk with the polycrylic as well. its really quick & easy to slap on and pretty dummy proof.

i have another little update to share before the long weekend.
 peace out!