mason jar pendant in the hoousss

here’s a good one. minor, yet very satisfying for us because it had been on the to-do list for over a year.
meet mr. blue mason jar pendant light:
it’s from an etsy shop (or as i like to call it, outsourced diy). i’ve had it since last winter, but we couldn’t figure out how to hook it up ourselves. there used to be a really dated linear light thing up here, so the wires weren’t centered and there was no box to connect it to.
we finally threw in the towel and hired an electrician who connected it in about 7 minutes.

this is a rare, awesome, occasion where the reality is even better than my idea of it in my head. i’m obsessed with this light; the color, vibe, everything is perfect for the kitchen. 

so i dug up those old progress pictures and thought it would be fun to run through them again with the addition of the pendant. i wish i knew how to get the lighting better, it would make this much more dramatic- but nonetheless, here is the full transformation: 

those pulls too – the pulls on the drawers are new.
dare i say the kitchen is done? done for now.
we are in the car on the way to brewster & martha’s vineyard as we speak. happy memorial day! a post full of family fun coming at you next week!