finished, carpeted, so on and so forth

i’m trying extra hard to keep up with life this week… i can’t complain because it is due in part to a completely self-indulgent weekend i just spent in miami for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party. (and it was fun. so fun.) but of course this week i am just feeling a little behind, a little short on sleep, and entirely unprepared for my baby boy to turn 2. (update: it happened. this post took me all week to turn-around!)
this carpet went in a couple weeks ago, so i want to finally put up the latest round of pictures. as you can see, it is very dark with a peppery mix of brown and black. its not what i would choose for a photo shoot or a show house by any means, but for practical reasons such as muddy paws and sticky toddler fingers, i am happy with this choice.

here are the much-more-welcoming stairs —

and the nice, big, empty room featuring our new $300 craigslist leather couch–

the almost-done built-ins–

for which we found a way to make these glorious ikea ranarp clamp spotlights work. these things were $20 each!–

the lower cabinet doors are still in progress–

i decided to leave the back of the built-ins as-is. the wood grain is so beautiful, it was a no-brainer. we are still researching the best way to seal/protect the wood–

these pictures were taken after work one evening… 6ish? and there is still a decent flow of natural light through the doors–

this is one of the better photos in terms of true paint color and minimal fill-light used in my editing. and look at the pretty ceiling–

still very little progress in the bedroom, but its about ready to actually be made into a bedroom… excitement!
the view looking out–
and of course some toys have already found their way down here… i am going to add a little curtain rod to this closet (slash-parking garage) for easy in & out–

our treadmill will go over here–

behind these double doors is unfinished work/storage space–

that’s a wrap!

dane had a tough run of sniffles and fevers the past couple weeks, but he is so much better now and rearing to go for his family birthday party this weekend.