dane’s 2nd birthday

i blinked and my baby was a 2 year old. his actual birthday was on a school night, but we still wanted to celebrate, so we invited the neighbors over for pizza and cupcakes. they got him some celtics gear, a cool truck and this ridiculous singing, marching donald duck-dressed-as-bunny that he absolutely loved.   bday number 2 was off to a strong start!

shakespeare gets a little jealous of dane’s toys.

this is what one little year can do. it turned my baby into a little person. so crazy.


saturday was party time. the gale fam, auntie emmy, uncle chris and aunt michelle, nonnie, pop and grandma along with his buds dylan and chase were all in on the fun. what a lucky little man to have the best friends and family around. it was a casual, unscripted event, but here is my photo-heavy recap attempt:

this is pretty much the extent of my decorating. we picked up some more pizza, put out some fruit and veggies, chips and dip and called it a day. we would be lost without pizza.

i told the boys to hold up two fingers for this picture…

eventually dane produced this (we’ll have to work on that)..

i tried to get a good picture of him in his funny little birthday shirt but he was always on the go. i asked him to show me his belly & this is what i got.

i filled a cow pinata up with little toys and stickers from the dollar store.

it was cute until dane had a major meltdown when it was someone else’s turn. the terrible twos are for real.

little progress was made until uncle chris stepped up to bat.

we had a lot of helpers when it was time for gift opening. dane got so many fun new toys.. everyone was so generous and dane was on cloud-nine.

the melissa & doug birthday cake was a big hit with the little guys. they were blowing out the candles and couldn’t quite grasp the fact that it wasn’t real!

they all attempted to eat it at least once… just in case…

finally the big toy grill was revealed.

dane has been playing with this every night since the party… “makin steak” and “makin food warm”… then we pretend to eat & he says “dee-licious” and we die….

the gloomy morning turned into a beautiful afternoon and everyone got some outside play time before the cake. early april is an iffy time of year, but we have really lucked out for dane’s past two bday parties.

why i left the cake up on the stand, blocking his face, i do not know. but you can still see that loves blowing out candles and all things cake!

this was his first ice cream cake encounter and he was clearly caught a bit off guard. haha.

ultimately, the dairy queen blizzard cake was a big hit. 

later, the party began to disburse. most everyone was back downstairs watching the final four, while these three got a 3-way tubby session.

i will be so sad when they are too big to wear these footy jammies. i plan to buy them for him straight through high school.

dane is so happy when he wakes up to find his cousin riley is still here. the next day we got to play a little more before the vineyarders had to pack up and head to the ferry.

its becoming more and more clear how much trouble these two will be causing some day.

and i kinda love it.

you have changed everything. it has never been more clear to me what matters and what doesn’t. i don’t know what i did to deserve you. i miss you every single second we are not together. you are so smart and funny and so so sweet. the more i get to know you, the more i love you. you make me LAUGH and smile. i swear i am not being biased when i say you are freakishly good at hitting a golf ball off a tee.. like borderline two-year-old tiger territory… but no matter what you choose to do in life, i will always be your biggest fan. keep growing and thriving, but slow it down, would ya??!!