white paint, tape, and beer

is almost all you need for this project.

i mentioned last week that i’d been painting stuff. mike and i both have been painting a l o t of stuff. mostly mike.. like the w h o l e ceiling he’s trying to brush and roll before the carpet goes in (no sprayer in our arsenal unfortunately). but i have been painting very different sorts of stuff in effort to actually decorate the huge blank canvas that will soon be our *finished* basement.

so here’s a project from a few weeks ago. i made it with the new bedroom in mind.,,

 mike helped. he’s the best. here is the print i found on pinterest that i basically copied:


and here is how this really quick, cheap, easy project went down:

i got this big random board at home depot. it was cheap and i liked the partical-ly texture.

i’m not sure what its called, but maybe this will help(?)

i started to stain it with this dark minwax that i had sitting around. the same can that i used for this nightstand makeover. but the wood was just drinking it up.. it wouldn’t spread or wipe.. it wasn’t right.

so i scrapped the stain and went over the whole thing with the antiquing glaze concoction that i mentioned a couple posts ago. i made the antiquing glaze for the bedroom’s wooden ledge. i wanted it to look a bit reclaimed/rustic. i followed these directions more or less to make it.

you brush it on, then rub off the excess with a rag. easy.

 it gave it almost an ombre effect (that ended up looking awesome on the finished product). dumb luck.

the next night we started taping it up, following the look of the inspiration print above. we crunched some numbers and broke out a ruler, but in the end we eye-balled it. as i have mentioned many times, i am the queen of eye-balling. an imperfect result was more than ok with me.

to get nice, even lines on each long-side, we ran another piece of tape perpendicular and cut off all the ends with a mat cutting blade.
the arrows were a little tedious, but i used a few strong beers and the same blade technique to even them out after i slapped them down.

 once the taping phase was complete, it looked like this:

now the hard part is done and this sucker was covered with.. you guessed it.. white dove.

the peeling was the fun part. i was so worried about bleeding, but it came out awesome and me & mike jumped up and down together hugging!… no that’s not true, i jumped up and down alone.


here it is on the ledge where i was experimenting layering it with this print (still in it’s packaging, homegoods price tag and all). 

you may notice i painted one of the arrows green on a whim which i totally regret. leaving well enough alone is not my strong suit. but i’m so proud of my creation & i can’t wait to have photos of it when its actually living in the finished bedroom!