the basement rug

the final, outsourced piece of our finished basement puzzle is happening tomorrow. then we are done… and if we’re not done, we are on. our. own.
we made such a last minute rug choice a few months back, that i don’t even have a picture of the sample we picked. i thought we were going with a grey industrial carpet, but then we changed our minds right before decision time to a fuller, softer, salt-and-peppery-colored berber. we had empire come give us a quote first. then we met with the local guy recommended by our contractor. if his price was anywhere close, we really preferred to give our business to local guy. it was close. better, even. so we called empire to cancel and get our deposit back (because you know, you only get that “really special price” if you book the installation and give them a deposit that same day…) empire of course promised to beat the competitor’s price, but we said, no thanks, and felt good about giving local guy the job.

anyway, i have a special treat for you today. a guest blogger. i’m going to let shakespeare tell the rug choosing story since he was very involved in the process.
take it away shakey…

hi. i’m shakespeare and i’m 4.

i spend a lot of time with my bully body on rugs, so i was pleased when my mom & dad asked me to help pick one out for our new basement, which, quite frankly, i find terrifying. i am not messing around with those scary, uncarpeted stairs. 

at any rate…. we had a lot of choices..

mom wanted something cheap (because she will be layering with area rugs) and dark (because me and my brother are very messy… and mom spills a lot).
at first, i was torn between these two…
then i got a really good feeling about this one.. and i know my mom is into grey…
so i did some due-diligence..
yes, this is definitely the one. “mom, pick this one!” i shouted.

at first they agreed. i thought this grey rug and i would grow old together…

but next thing i know, mom and dad end up going with a completely different berber rug instead. they tell me it is cushier and will feel better under my bully paws. i hope so… i really don’t like the idea of those stairs..