quick visit and nook upgrade

we made a quick cape house stop friday night. it had been so long since i was there last (a couple months?) it was so nice to be back, i seriously love this house and this town.

no matter what time of year, or how long our visit, it always feels like an escape. every time we go for the weekend, we say, “dane, shakey, we’re going on vacation!”. and that’s what it feels like. even when we’re ripping apart our kitchen or dismantling the doors.

no projects to tackle for once. we mostly just dusted, vacuumed, and made sure this evil winter was not wreaking any havoc on the house. we did, however, make a little update to our game nook.

these white slip covers where struggling. bad.

we have otherwise been very pleased with these little craiglisted ikea chairs that mike was able to negotiate for $60 (for both.. including the white slip covers). 

but they needed a pick-me-up for the new season. so we stripped them down.

replaced the pads..

gave them a tune-up..

and then dressed them up in something a little more sexy..

(a little wrinkle-release spray will go a long way)

much more colorful than where we started!:
then we said ‘bye house’, ‘bye beach’ and returned yesterday to spend the rest of the weekend with cousin riley and our endless basement projects!