invitations for the big #2

was this really TWO years ago? i can’t believe i’ve been a real life mom for two full years.
at the same time, i can hardly remember life before dane. he is pure joy… all i think about and almost all i care about. he’ll be two in just over a week [wimper].
so we have a very special birthday party to plan. unlike last year’s first-birthday-bonanza, we are keeping things low-key this year. the invite list is just family and a couple close friends.

i pondered over a theme. there were the obvious choices; trucks, trains, farm animals, sports… i thought about dane’s true passions… while he is certainly into all of the former, dane’s happy place is with a big sippie of milk in-hand. or “mooks” as he called it up until recently (it is so bittersweet when your toddler starts pronouncing things correctly). “i want mooks pease mommy”.. i could never say no. kid drank way too much mooks.
so we are having a milk party. not to be confused with a “milk & cookies” party (i’ve seen this done via pinterest) just a milk party.
tiny prints invitation contenders were as follows:
i love the chalk board look of this template… the mustache fit the theme (you know, like a milk mustache). below is the photo i chose… my little goober with his cow happily chugging his milk… the “antique” photo filter option in tiny prints works nice with the template.

with less than a dozen invitations to go out, i thought i’d have some fun with them. so i came up with the idea of sending them on milk cartons.

milk cartons painted with cow spots, obviously.

i used left-over (no voc) white interior wall paint we had laying around & chalk board paint for the spots.


then stuck the invitation lengthwise on the front w/ packaging tape.


i made mike take them to the post office (impossible for me with my current work schedule) he was thrilled. it was fun to get the feedback from everyone once these arrived in the mail (mostly positive aside from one person who “thought it was a bomb”)….

i ordered a few decorations for the party from oriental trading, but otherwise am planning to keep it simple. i generally struggle with ‘simple’, but with everything that is going on, i think its the only way. i will of course have plenty of party photos to share after the big (simple) day.