built in-spiration

slowly, the built-ins are looking a little more built and a little more in. the most notable update is the chunky wood frame around the fireplace.

here it is a few days ago pre-frame:

and now after our neighbor framed it with some pine floor boards he had left over from a previous project. it will really highlight the fireplace once everything (especially doors on either side) is/are painted.

what to do with the back of the shelves is keeping me up at night… stephanie 6 months ago would be painting it all a bold, contrasting color for sure. but stephanie today is way more into white, neutral, natural.. and speaking in the third person.

here are a couple of my favorite built-in pins. are they telling me to paint that back wall blue/grey?


let’s flash back to when we first bought the house. can you believe it?  this red wall makes no sense. the built-in white tv window-thing is oddly off-center and.. my gosh these colors.. also please note the closet door to the left that was just chopped off at the bottom. this is something..

so, even under construction, it is so rewarding to see the difference.

i have plans for these doors. they will be white like the rest of the unit, but i’ll be attempting to add texture and interest with a little scheme i dreamed up.

and new hardware. stat.