basement built-ins and fireplace

in the planning stages we made a list of needs, wants, and would-be-nices. a ventless gas fireplace to cozy things up was in the would-be-nice category. the more the idea marinated, the more we decided we really wanted it and should invest in it now while everything is being ripped apart and put back together. how glorious is this set-up below? you would never know you’re in a basement.


we researched and shopped and discussed with our contractor and the all-in price tag for the fireplace would be somewhere in the ungodly neighborhood of 6k-8k (for the unit, the gas line, the labor, etc etc). absolutely out of the question. we were sad. then we thought outside the box and researched electric fireplaces. sounds lame and fake, but after seeing some of the technology out there, it was clear that we could get the same warm, cozy glow for way way way less with one of these units that plugs right into an outlet.

we wanted an insert to go inside the built-in unit. we kept coming back to this same dimplex model.

i like the “linear” look (as its called in the industry). at 50″ long, it will really make a statement in the unit under the tv. the going rate for these is about $1400. not cheap, but not $8k either. it was doable. i shopped around (these are sold by a number of vendors). and bought one on sale with an additional 5% off (and free shipping).
BLF50 Dimplex Linear Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace
$1,199.99 x 1

Subtotal: $1,199.99
Discount: $60.00
Shipping: $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $1,139.99

i was pretty pleased with myself. funny how looking at the cost of the gas version made this feel like a steal (while it is really still so much $$!).

if you are an amazon person, like me, they also carry the same dimplex model (here).

the guys are working on this now, so when i am back from vacation, i should be able to show you how it becomes a reality!

by the way, if any burglars are reading, my sister will be house sitting all week with our fierce bulldog. and she has guns.

oh god am i going to miss this pup.

1. lighting
2. ceiling
3. fireplace
4. built-ins
5. paint
6. carpet