the latest from martha’s vineyard

just a few photos my sister sent me from last weekend’s visit to the island (is it seriously thursday already? i guess thats a good thing).
it was an extra special visit because we went to an island off an island! (chappaquiddick). 
three sisters and two (big) baby cousins..
after a surprise brunch feast for liz’s bday, we walked down along emily’s back yard which happens to end at the atlantic ocean. it was a dreary saturday, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the coast and enjoying the ocean air. 
riley picks up the remains of a sea creature, shows it to dane and says “a horse shoe crab”. no big deal for this 2 year old son of a fisherman.
scaling the rocks

emily’s boyfriend made a gluten free carrot cake that was out of this world.
i love dane in this pic. kid loves food.

this was our first trip to visit my sisters without mike or shakey. we took the ferry from woods hole and sat up in a window booth by the snack bar, just the two of us. it was a really fun little adventure. the highlight for me: when dane popped up in his packnplay in the middle of the night and i pulled him up into bed with me until the morning (which was 6 am. “riley”. “toys”. “riley”. ” UP TOYS!”).

finally, cake number two of the visit. the richest gluten free chocolate cake you could imagine. i don’t remember why riley isn’t wearing clothes at this point, but it seemed completely normal at the time.
visiting my island sisters is like a little vacation every time. i’m so lucky!