more of the same (wall)

i bet you didn’t think i could possibly stretch the execution of one small frame collage into 4+ blog posts. well then you have seriously underestimated my lack of productivity. here is post number 3 where i discuss this wall (and it clearly won’t be the last because, you may notice, the frames are still empty).

it never even occurred to me to hang art up here when the walls were the original dirty yellow, but now with the moody wolf grey i love the contrast of the white frames and the depth the mirror gives when you’re walking up the stairs.

this mirror was $40 on clearance at home goods. i had popped in to look at rugs and was trying so hard not to buy anything random but the mirror was speaking to me. so i was like WWEHD (what would emily henderson do). and i bought it.

AFTER the fact, i’m meandering through anthropology house & home and i see THIS:

vindication (shakes fist triumphantly at universe)! mine is a little different and i have no idea if its cheaper, knock-off quality (probably) but to get a $298 look for $40 is a win in my book.

moving on.

call me sexist, but i always leave the “heavy lifting” (and math) to mike. its for the best. he finally got to hanging these over the weekend and its a nice addition, don’t you think? i’m going to get some photos blown up in black & white to fill the frames. ikea frames are such weird sizes, so i’m hoping i can make it work. oh don’t worry installation number 4 coming soon!

below, you can see the drama unfold before your very eyes…