keeping it together

there is a lot going on in my world. we have the basement project… 2, 5, 10 guys coming and going during the week and on saturdays drilling and banging and all those decisions and the communication involved in the process…
we’ve had a few health related set-backs over the past couple weeks. first, there was something going around dane’s daycare that gave him a bad cold and mild fever for a few days, then i got a miserable stomach bug toward the end of last week. dane tripped and hit his face on a table at daycare wednesday… he’s ok, but has a fat, sore lip… 
we have our family vacation coming up the week after next, which just takes a lot of careful planning since we’ll be traveling out of the country with a toddler. meanwhile, i’m trying to be extra productive at work and of course cramming in extra workouts whenever i can in light of the aforementioned vacation that will be taking place in tropical (read: bathing suit) weather. i’ve really been hustling the past couple weeks and i feel pretty good about my hard work.. aside from some of the time at the office i’ve had to miss to be with dane, but i can’t beat myself up over it.

we made it to the boston childrens museum sunday with our besties the colantos, and this weekend we are heading to killington vt to party with more of our very best friends (where dane will be the only little.. wish us luck!)

photo cred to lizzy


now where am i going with this? i don’t know, but i need to start getting into the basement progress.. there has been a lot!

the only fun purchase i have made so far is this moravian star pendant for the bottom of the stairs leading into the main room. this “aged tin” star only ran me $96.

i’ve admired them for so long in hallways or foyers like below, but never had a place to put one until now.

there were canned lights down in the basement already since it was originally somewhat finished. a bunch of them. all wired into the dropped ceiling which was the first thing mike tore down in preparation for the re-do.

an electrician came by and told us that the lights were not made to be built into a ceiling and could even be a fire hazard (yikes) so they couldn’t be salvaged. we had to buy and rewire all new lights. so that’s done. and that’s sort of all there is as far as lighting goes.
the other phase 1 decisions we have made are as follows:

1. lighting
2. ceiling
3. fireplace
4. built-ins
5. paint
6. carpet

so i’ll get to each of these over the next week or two with a little vacation recap in the mix 🙂