dreaming up a basement bedroom

my vision for this guest bedroom evolved as the construction slowly came together.
here is where i stand (little inspiration board below). i’m going for a calm, organic, industrial look (if that makes any sense).  natural textures and metals with green accents and white bedding.
here is the drywalled room with the new window location. we left the old window hollows as they were for the heck of it (interest? character?). 
mike half-joked about painting the insides with chalk paint and i said, YES. do that.
you can see where the lines are drawn for the mdf boards. it will be a board and batten look around the bottom, then up the whole wall with the window (which will be the head of the bed).
here are mike and rowdy probably questioning my pendant lighting choice. they will soon find the choice is FLAWless. (ha. i hope).
this wall color was not a calculated choice. we grabbed it from the mess-up bin at our local benjamin moore vendor. they have a paint can full of sticks dipped with colors they have mess-up gallons of in the back and sell for $10. this was really high quality regal select bm paint (normally $50/gallon at least) and i thought i could make the greeny work. i know you might be thinking this is similar to the gypsy teal in brewster… not what i am going for. i think if i mix in enough earthy green accents, i can stay away from the punchy teal feeling.

the best part. hopefully. eventually. will be a sliding barn door across this opening between the bedroom and the main area.
..until next time!