so what is UP with 2014? its a blizzard, its warm, its FREEZING… come to think of it, my eating patterns are emulating the weather. i drink green juice all day, i eat three cupcakes the next (technically it was one cupcake plus 2 cupcake tops)… i won’t bore you with a belated list of resolutions, but the bottom line is, i am trying to clean up my act. with mixed results. more on this later.. (lets just say i got a nutribullet for christmas and i want to tell you all about it).
any who, here are some adorable pics of baby dane:

so silly.
oh, remember that little teaser i threw in at the end of the finished entry post? well, we have gone from this:

to this:

i am taking baby steps to a whole new level. can the finish-project-fairy please swing by and hang these frames for us please? thanks. notice the christmas decorations are down? that is an accomplishment in itself.

joking aside, we have been very very busy on the home improvement front. busy planning and demo-ing mostly. we are officially REfinishing our basement over the next month or so. not US, someone we hired.. but we plan to be very involved in the process.

(demo (read: destroying) is his specialty.. )

so this will basically become the finishing my basement blog for the unforeseeable future. its all so exciting. a little overwhelming and a little stressful (its a big investment and a lot of faith in our contractor).. but mostly exciting.

the before pictures could not be any more terrifying, so this should be a very serious “before and after of the century” candidate!

i lied when i said i would only be talking about the basement project. i have a lot on my mind. i think i am going to get more random than ever in the coming weeks. till next time!